A Family Legacy

Every Member of Phi Sigma Pi has the opportunity to leave their legacy in their Chapter, on campus and in their communities. For some Members, this legacy takes a whole new meaning, as they welcome family members into the Brotherhood.

Two sisters were added to this exclusive list this semester as Lexie Selzer (Alpha Upsilon 10’) welcomed her younger sister Kristina Selzer as a Founding Member of the Eta Theta Chapter (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville). We asked Lexie and Kristina to share more about their story and how they hope to leave a family legacy through Phi Sigma Pi.

Eta Theta SistersWhat did you think when Kristina told you she was joining Phi Sigma Pi?

Lexie: I was very excited. Phi Sigma Pi was a very big part of my undergraduate career and I want her to be able to experience everything the Fraternity has to offer. I was very involved in my Chapter serving as Chapter President and Alumni Advisor and participated in several national events. I would not be the person I am today without these experiences and the relationships I developed through them.

What did you know about Phi Sigma Pi before you decided to join at UT?

Kristina: I had been to some events with Lexie and I knew that she had met lifelong friends and had great experiences within the organization. I had been interested in joining Phi Sigma Pi, but none of the schools I had been to (I’m a transfer student) had a Chapter. When I got the email about being a founding member at UT, I jumped at the chance.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory thus far?

Lexie: It’s hard to pick a favorite!  Alumni Convention in Nashville is a great memory.

Kristina: Both of our tripod events were really fun. We made tie dye shirts, played trivia and really bonded as a Founding class. Getting to paint the rock was also a fun memory and, of course, Lexie getting to pin me at Induction was special.

What does it mean to you to have Phi Sigma Pi combine family and Fraternity?

Lexie: I talk about the friends and amazing experiences all the time and now someone in my family will actually understand why I love this Fraternity so much!

Kristina: Being able to join Phi Sigma Pi and form bonds with the people in Eta Theta is amazing on its own, but being able to share this experience with my sister is even better. Her love for the Fraternity has been contagious and I love that now I get to be a part of it too.

Are there any goals you would both like to accomplish through Phi Sigma Pi together?

We’d love to attend National Convention or Alumni Convention together!

Lexie graduated from medical school this semester and will be starting her residency in Pediatrics in Johnson City, Tennessee this summer. Kristina is an Animal Science major, Pre-Veterinary concentration at UT and is scheduled to graduate in 2017.

Do you have a family member who is attending one of our target schools? Let us know by filling out the short Be a Founder form.

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