2016 National Convention Highlight: Hear it from the Locals!

2016 National Convention Highlight- Locals

Where did the time go? We are now only 35 days away from the 2016 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention. That’s almost less than a month! By now we hope you’ve explored all of the highlights and reasons why you should join us in Kansas City from July 27-31. If you haven’t registered, there’s still time! The deadline to register is Thursday, June 30.

For those who have already registered, we want to give you the inside scoop on Kansas City so you’re prepared for your stay. That’s why we reached out to two Phi Sigma Pi Alumni and Kansas City (area) locals, Christopher Triplett, Gamma Sigma ‘09 and Annette Arlint, Alpha Chapter ‘09, to give us the ins and outs of Kansas City. Here’s what they had to say:

Christopher Triplett, Gamma Sigma Chapter ’09




Eat here…2016-04-21 11.26.10
“You have to eat at Joe’s KC (formerly known as Oklahoma Joes)! It is hands down the best BBQ in the city. Located in an actual working gas station, this place is always packed and always tasty. Try the Z-Man for
an extra good time!”

Best coffee in town…
“The Roasterie! Many locations all around the city and locally owned and brewed.”

Something free to do…
“The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum is free to all and one of the best art museums in the country! Get ready to see Monet and Renoir exhibits that will blow your mind!”

My favorite thing about Kansas City is…2016-04-21 20.07.23
“2015 World Champion Royals, baby!”

Airport tips…
“Three hubs and no centralized area can make for some confusion for those unfamiliar with KCI. Plan ahead and know where your travel mates are landing so you know if you will actually be able to meet up with them at the airport or will need to wait until you are at the hotel.”

Anything else we should know about Kansas city?
“You won’t be able to do it all in the few days that you are here, so just expect to be blown away and want to make a return trip very soon!”

Annette Arlint, Alpha Chapter ’09

Royals Game - 3 Brothers

Annette (center) with Stephanie Whitener (Alpha ’08, left) and Jeanette Furrow (Alpha ’10, right)






Eat Here…Arthur Bryants 2
“I may be a little biased, but Kansas City has the best BBQ in the country. One of the best places to get good KC BBQ is Arthur Bryants. You can find it at 1727 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127.”

Something free to do…
“Did you know that the gift wrap and greeting cards we know today originated in KC? Hallmark Visitor Center has the storied past about how the greeting card business became what it is today.”

Best view in the city…Kansas City View 4
“The best view in Kansas City has to be from the Liberty Memorial. Kansas City doesn’t have a lot of tall buildings like other big cities do, but this view gets to see the majority of them.”

Best place to see live music…
“The Power and Light District offers free concerts on Thursday nights. If you are a Billy Currington fan, he will have his free show on 7/28. Also, 18th and Vine has a lot of smaller establishments that will play some pretty stellar jazz music.”

Airport tips…
“Kansas City’s airport is very different than many other airports. We have three separate terminals that are connected only by the Red Bus. Also, each terminal has their own baggage claim area. So if you are meeting with other Brothers from a separate airline be sure you are meeting at the right terminal’s baggage claim. Additionally, each airline has their own security checkpoint and there is not much in terms of food after you go through. Be sure to eat before going through security.”

I think you’ll be surprised that…Fountains 4
“Kansas City has the most working fountains in the world. Kansas City offers vehicle and walking tours of the different fountains. You can view those at kcfountains.com/about/tours”


registerRegistration closes Thursday, June 30!

Pro Tip: With all of the National Convention happenings, there won’t be a ton of extra time. So make sure you plan wisely and take advantage of every opportunity you get to explore the city. Meal times are a great time to get out!


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