Let’s Create Change for HOBY!

Members participated in HOBY Seminars across the Nation.

Members participated in HOBY Seminars across the Nation.

The first year of our HOBY partnership has introduced many of us to an amazing organization. Members, Council and Staff have all volunteered for HOBY Seminars across the country in 2016 and they all walked away with a new appreciation for the organization.

At every National Convention, we try to give back to the community that’s hosting us. At this year’s National Convention, we want to make it possible for a Missouri sophomore to attend the 2017 HOBY Missouri Seminar. So we’re doing a Penny Drive! It just makes cents!

What do I have to do?
Before you start driving, flying or busing, go through the couch cushions, empty the pig where you’ve been depositing your change or grab the remainder of the quarter roll you use for laundry day and bring them all along to Kansas City. We’ll be collecting your change (and dollars too!) at our registration area all week.

Bring your change to make a change!

Bring your change to make a change!

So what’s the goal?
In order to cover the full cost of a student’s attendance, we are trying to raise $350. A $350 sponsorship covers the full cost (per student) of attending a Seminar. This includes the $195 registration fee and the $155 volunteers fundraise to cover the remainder of the cost. Our sponsorship will cover all meals, lodging, training materials, a t-shirt and more for the student attending the Seminar.

What is a HOBY Seminar?
A HOBY Leadership Seminar is for high school sophomores who were picked from their schools to attend the Seminar. Some students are just chosen, some write essays to attend, but whatever they have to do, these students are the best of the best of their class. The students are referred to as Ambassadors during their time at the Seminar and at the end of the Seminar they become HOBY Alumni. Our Director of Leadership Advancement Danielle Reidenbach, who volunteered as a Facilitator at the HOBY Central PA Seminar, described it as an “inspiring program that empowers students minds” and that “the HOBY Seminar was 5 life-changing days I will never forget.” We want to make sure a student gets the opportunity to experience this amazing program!

Still have questions?
If you have more questions about our Penny Drive for HOBY, let us know at convention@phisigmapi.org

We’ll see you in Kansas City, MO in a little over a month. Start saving those pennies now!


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