Phi Sigma Pi Virtual 5K: Tips for Planning Your Run

Registration for the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation’s first-ever Virtual 5K closes in 3 days! Soon it will be time to start planning your 5K run/walk, which should take place between July 1st and July 27th. To prepare for your 5K, here are some tips on planning your official run.

5k Event Header

Before you start planning your 5K, make sure you register! Not only will you be supporting the Fraternity as we enter into our next 100 years, but you will also receive a runners bib for your run as well as a special finisher’s medal and certificate upon completion.

Plan your route
At the gym, on the track, through the city, around the neighborhood… you can run your 5K wherever you want (don’t forget, there is an award for most scenic run)! Just make sure you plan it out beforehand and guarantee that it is a 3.1 mile distance. If you are running outside, be aware of busy streets and any obstacles that may make your path unsafe. Practice on your route before your official run! If you are running alone, let someone know your path and when you are starting your run.

Make it a group event
Anyone can run the Phi Sigma Pi Virtual 5K and there will be an award for the biggest group run! Invite your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to join you. Make sure they register online so they receive their special finishers medal and certificate as well. Let them know that they will be supporting an organization that you are passionate about!

What to wear
Wear something light and breathable. Letters are always a great choice! If you are running along the road, bright colors are always best. There will be an award for most spirited outfit so make sure to plan something fun and Phi Sigma Pi related!

Get your body ready
A 5K can be harsh on your body, especially if you aren’t use to running or will be running outside in the heat. Preparations should begin at least 24 hours before your run and should include drinking lots of water, stretching and eating healthy foods. Avoid strenuous activity or heavy foods/drinks before your run. If the day of your run you feel unfit to do your 5K, don’t push yourself! Always be safe and listen to your body.

After your run
Make sure to post a selfie on social media with #PSP5K and send us an email with your time and pictures to In addition to the ones listed above (we must receive a picture to qualify), there will be awards for fastest run time and first to report time.

Now that you’ve got some tips, you’re ready to plan your 5K! Want to skip the planning? Join former National President and current Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Secretary Jonah Goodman for a 5K in Kansas City, MO at National Convention. The run will take place at 8:30am on Wednesday morning (July 27). Note: The last day to register for National Convention is Thursday, June 30.

Join the Phi Sigma Pi Virtual 5K Facebook Event for more tips, information and encouragement!


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