6 Ways to Support the Foundation Today!

Making a charitable contribution to Phi Sigma Pi doesn’t have to break the bank! This summer you can make a difference in Phi Sigma Pi by making a gift that suits your lifestyle.

Copy of 5k Logo SqFor less than $50 you can:

  • Run or walk in Phi Sigma Pi’s first ever Virtual 5K! By registering here you receive a Finisher’s Medal, certificate and the chance to add a one of a kind Virtual 5K t-shirt to your cart!
  • Join the NAA! For $31 per year you receive The Purple and Gold/The Lampadion, discounts, eligibility to apply for the Rolla F. Wood Graduate Scholarship and more! If you’re already an NAA Member yourself, you can gift one to a deserving Graduating Senior for only $15.

2015-11-18 10.08.31-1For $100 you can:

  • Purchase your own copy of the Phi Sigma Pi Ceremonies and Ritual Book! This elegant, confidential book immortalizes the purpose through the powerful words of the Fraternity’s most respected ceremonies.
  • A $100 gift to the NAA will earn you a limited edition Centennial Tumbler AND personalized Phi Sigma Pi Luggage Tag! You will travel in style this summer with these unique gifts.

Jared Schulman Beta Sigma Chapter '12For $250 or less:

  • Champion an LiA Module! With a $250 donation to the Leadership in Action fund you may choose a Module not yet Championed and leave your mark on LiA. Check out this previous blog post to learn more.
  • Leave your Legacy at National Headquarters with a small Centennial Brick! For only $200, choose a personalized message to be engraved on a 4×8 brick and placed in the Subrosa Garden. Pave the path of Phi Sigma Pi’s future leaders with this unique gift to the Centennial fund!



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