2016 National Convention Highlight: What you should pack!

2016 National Convention Highlight- Pack

Before we get to KC, we need to pack. What to bring? Here’s a list:

  1. Phi Sigma Pi Apparel- Everything you own, bring it (it does need to fit in your suitcase though)! A sweatshirt is a good item to pack. It might get chilly in the meeting rooms so you want to be prepared. Remember to pack letters!
  2. Money- Some food will be provided but there will also be meals that you will need to buy on your own. The National Staff has been busy making a list of yummy food places nearby for you. There’s also going to be some swag available to buy at the merch table.
  3. Banquet Attire- Dress to impress Saturday night. You might even win an award! If so, that means you get your picture taken and you want to look sharp.
  4. Membership Pin- Wear it with your fancy schmancy outfit Saturday night.
  5. Pennies- Remember this year’s National Convention Service Project? We want to raise $350 for HOBY MO!
  6. Phone Charger- Since you are going to be facebooking, tweeting, snapping and instagramming up a storm using the #psp100 hashtag and our special Convention filters, your phone will probably die in an hour. Charge it up and keep on social media-ing.

Did we miss something? What else are you bringing?

Read more about what you can do at the 2016 National Convention here.


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