New Dues, New Due Dates

We’re a few weeks into the new fiscal year! We wanted to remind you of a few changes coming to your Chapters this fall. We encourage you to share this with your Chapter so they can start to plan as soon as possible.


In June, your Chapter President was sent a 2016-2017 Fiscal Year budget communication. In it, the goals of this year’s budget were discussed. In order to continue to meet our goals, this budget does include a National Dues increase of $6/semester or $4/quarter. The insurance premium ($6/semester or $4/quarter) will remain the same.

Each Collegiate Member’s total amount due to the National Office will now be $72 per semester or $48 per quarter. There will also be an increase in Induction Fees for Initiates ($5 increase) and Charter Fees ($7 increase) for our Colonies.

It should be noted that this is the first dues increase in three years and the first increase in Induction dues in over 10 years.


Dues and Due DatesDue Dates

Semester Membership Dues, Fees, Membership Information and the Membership Agreement for Initiates are now due October 1 (previously October 15) and February 15 (previously March 1).

Find out all of the other due dates for your Chapter and more at

The change is in place for this (2016-2017) Fiscal Year. Share with your Chapter!

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