Meet Your Chapter Consultants – Alex Moyer

We will be revealing your Chapter Consultants throughout the month. If you went to National Convention, you got to know them in person, but for those that have to wait for Chapter visits, we’re here to give you a few fun facts about your 2016-2017 Chapter Consultants.

Next Up: Alex Moyer (Epsilon Nu Chapter ’16)

Alex Moyer Headshot 130Alex Moyer is as an Alumnus of the Kennesaw State University. We asked him a few questions so we can get to know one of our new 2016-2017 Chapter Consultants.

1. What are your hobbies? I am an avid sports fan whether that be watching it on TV or playing it myself. My favorite sports to play are soccer and ultimate Frisbee and my favorite sport to watch is football. Outside of sports I enjoy listening to music and playing my guitar which hopefully will be coming with me to most of my Chapter visits.

2. What spectator activities do you most enjoy attending and watching? Pretty much any sport. I love going to professional sporting events, amateur sporting events, my high school’s sporting events. I just like watching sports and it’s even better when I can see them live.

3. What is your favorite TV show/sitcom? I really like Big Bang Theory. I just find the people in that show hilarious and the fact that they can act so sophisticated talking about physics and stuff is great. Plus I have some friends that are a lot like Sheldon and I just enjoy chuckling at their similarities.

4. What was your favorite subject in school? I was a big math fan in school. I don’t know why but numbers always intrigued me and it was nice to have a subject that was completely impartial. Also I was pretty good at it which is probably also part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.

5. Do you play a musical instrument? I play a lot actually. I have played oboe since 6th grade and still occasionally tinker with it. Now a days however I occasionally play my saxophones (alto and tenor) and more frequently my guitars.

6. What is your favorite grab and go meal? I’m a big bagel fan. I used to eat bagels pretty much every morning for breakfast in one way or another. Even sometimes for lunch I will toast a bagel and melt some cheese on it and have a grilled cheese bagel sandwich and soup.

7. If you could have lunch with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? I would want to have lunch with a founding father of this country. Don’t really care which one but it would be nice to see what they envisioned this country looking like over 200 years later and what we have done and achieved since then.

Alex will be the Chapter Consultant for the following Chapters:

Epsilon Chapter (Vanderbilt University)
Alpha Beta Chapter (University of Maryland)
Alpha Upsilon Chapter (University of South Carolina)
Alpha Chi Chapter (University of North Carolina – Greensboro)
Beta Zeta Chapter (University of Georgia)
Beta Kappa Chapter (Clemson University)
Beta Lambda Chapter (American University)
Beta Mu Chapter (George Washington University)
Beta Phi Chapter (Western Kentucky University)
Beta Psi Chapter (Middle Tennessee State University)
Gamma Beta Chapter (Morehead State University)
Gamma Gamma Chapter (Georgia Southern University)
Gamma Delta Chapter (University of West Georgia)
Gamma Epsilon Chapter (University of Florida)
Gamma Zeta Chapter (Western Carolina University)
Gamma Eta Chapter (Florida State University)
Gamma Theta Chapter (Louisiana State University)
Gamma Omicron Chapter (Auburn University)
Gamma Pi Chapter (Towson University)
Gamma Tau Chapter (Tulane University)
Gamma Upsilon Chapter (University of Kentucky)
Gamma Chi Chapter (University of Central Florida)
Delta Beta Chapter (University of Alabama)
Delta Lambda Chapter (University of Miami)
Delta Sigma Chapter (University of Colorado – Boulder)
Epsilon Delta Chapter (University of South Florida)
Epsilon Eta Chapter (Eastern Kentucky University)
Epsilon Theta Chapter (Georgia Tech)
Epsilon Xi Chapter (East Tennessee State University)
Epsilon Chi Chapter (University of North Georgia)
Eta Beta Chapter (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
Eta Delta Chapter (Emory University)

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