What is Leadership in Action?

LiA Module Collage

Leadership in ActionLeadership in Action is the award winning Certification program by Phi Sigma Pi for Phi Sigma Pi Members only.  The program is built on Modules– 30-60 minute learning sessions– that range in topics from time management, managing stress, conflict management and giving/receiving feedback (find a full list of Modules). The Modules are filled with tips and tricks that our Members can use during their collegiate years and beyond in the workforce.

The goal of the program is to earn 75 Leadership in Action points. Points are broken down as follows:

  • National Module (held at National Convention)- 10 points
  • Regional Module (held at ICR events and Leadership Academies)- 8 points
  • Local Module (held at the Chapter level)- 6 points
  • Facilitator Training- 6 points
  • Facilitating a Module- 2 additional points
  • Tweet & Eat Twitter Chats– 1 point
  • Lunch & Learn Webinars– 8 points

There are 3 easy steps to get started with Leadership in Action today!

  1. Earn up to 8 Leadership in Action points today by filling out this form.
  2. Check out the Module list and pick one that you think would benefit you or your Chapter.
  3. Request a Module, RSVP for the next Tweet & Eat and mark the Lunch & Learn Webinar dates down on your calendar!

Start earning points today!

Module List Request a Module



If you have any questions about Leadership in Action email lia@phisigmapi.org!


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