Meet Your Chapter Consultants – Danielle Victory

We will be revealing your Chapter Consultants throughout the month. If you went to National Convention, you got to know them in person, but for those that have to wait for Chapter visits, we’re here to give you a few fun facts about your 2016-2017 Chapter Consultants.

Last, but not least: Danielle Victory (Beta Upsilon Chapter ’16)

Danielle Victory Headshot 130Danielle Victory is as an Alumna of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. We asked her a few questions so we can get to know one of our new 2016-2017 Chapter Consultants.

1. What spectator activities do you most enjoy attending and watching? I love watching baseball, especially going to games at Fenway

2. Do you play a musical instrument? I play a mean guitar hero.

3. What is your favorite grab and go meal? Chicken Caesar salad wraps are my go to.

4. What word describes you best? Thoughtful. I try my best to think about things before making decisions or speaking.

5. Where do you like to vacation? York beach, Maine! Short sands is such a cute little town and you can walk everywhere.

6. Who do you admire? My mom. She is amazing and the strongest person I know.

7. If you could have an unlimited amount of one thing, what would it be? McDonalds French fries straight from the oil with extra salt, except calorie free

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Antarctica to meet some penguins!

Danielle will be the Chapter Consultant for the following Chapters:

Alpha Chapter (University of Central Missouri)
Beta Chapter (Truman State University)
Kappa Chapter (California University of Pennsylvania)
Mu Chapter (Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania)
Upsilon Chapter (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania)
Alpha Theta Chapter (Rutgers University)
Alpha Iota Chapter (Montclair State University)
Alpha Mu Chapter (West Virginia University)
Alpha Omega Chapter (University of Pittsburgh)
Beta Beta Chapter (Kent State University)
Beta Eta Chapter (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania)
Beta Iota Chapter (The Ohio State University)
Beta Xi Chapter (Miami University)
Beta Pi Chapter (University of Connecticut)
Beta Omega Chapter (Eastern Illinois University)
Gamma Sigma Chapter (Missouri State University)
Gamma Phi Chapter (University of Oklahoma)
Gamma Omega Chapter (University of Nebraska)
Delta Alpha Chapter (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Delta Mu Chapter (University of Maine)
Delta Xi Chapter (University of Missouri – Columbia)
Delta Tau Chapter (Mississippi State University)
Delta Chi Chapter (Lehigh University)
Epsilon Alpha Chapter (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
Epsilon Beta Chapter (Bowling Green State University)
Epsilon Iota Chapter (Ohio University)
Epsilon Kappa Chapter (Wentworth Institute of Technology)
Epsilon Omicron Chapter (East Stroudsburg University)
Epsilon Rho Chapter (Northern Kentucky University)
Epsilon Phi Chapter (University of Cincinnati)
Zeta Gamma Chapter (Cleveland State University)
Zeta Chi Chapter (Kansas State University)


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