Amendments from #pspnc16

The fun and excitement of National Convention’s Grand Chapter this year included the passing of two amendments related to membership. Here we’ll share those amendments and the impact that each will have on your Chapter’s operations.

Section 15 (new section)

Notwithstanding any other provision in this Article, the National Council shall have the authority to determine the Membership of any Member of Phi Sigma Pi. Any Membership change under this provision shall require a 3/4 vote of the National Council and the consent of the Member.

Impact: This amendment solidifies the role of National Council, having “…jurisdiction over all components of Phi Sigma Pi except the Grand Chapter…,” (as stated in Article VI, Section 2 of the National Constitution) particularly related to membership status. In the event of extenuating circumstances, such as serious health issues, this section gives the National Council the authority to make appropriate provisions. The ¾ vote requirement ensures that this power is used appropriately by National Council.

Section 10: Historian

The Historian shall:

  1. Keep, collect and preserve an accurate history of the Chapter;
  2. Be responsible for placing new items concerning the Chapter in local and collegiate publications;
  3. Provide the National Office with the historical items of the Chapter at the close of the academic year at the Chapter’s discretion;
  4. Be a voting Member of the Executive Board at the Chapter’s discretion.

Impact: With this amendment, the Historian is made a voting member of the Executive Board.

Here are some things your Chapter can do to ensure compliance with this update to the National Constitution:

  • Take some time to review (and update, if necessary) your Chapter’s Bylaws and Operating Policies to ensure that they reflect the new role of the Historian as a voting member of the Executive Board. (Reach out to your Chapter Consultant if you need help with updating your policies or practices to reflect this new policy.);
  • Make sure your Chapter’s Historian is aware of any additional responsibilities required as an Executive Board member; and
  • Come up with creative ways to integrate your Chapter Historian into all aspects of the Chapter.


For a full list of which proposed amendments passed at the 2016 National Convention, visit


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