Protecting our Name with Greek Licensing

All About Affinity and Greek Licensing

Shirt ExamplePhi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity has an obligation to our Members to uphold the integrity of our name and image, therefore, we must implement steps to control their use. In the past year, we have instituted a trademark licensing program by partnering with Affinity Consultants. Affinity Consultants, founded in 1997, serves the needs of over 100 National and International Fraternities, Sororities and other Greek letter organizations.

Affinity Consultants works with their licensed vendors to maintain quality and ensure appropriate designs for products that contain our official colors and logos. In addition:

“The organizations that Affinity represents firmly oppose any product, service or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism or any other image that conflicts with values and missions of our clients.”

We decided to enter this partnership to make sure that our Greek letters, insignia and name are protected for our organization’s future and for our future Members. Our partnership with Affinity will not only help protect out name, but will help you and your Chapters to receive high quality products that also represent Phi Sigma Pi in a positive light and are reflective of our values.

Where We Need You

In order to protect our name and image, we need your help!

We want you to understand and use our licensing program. We’re also asking you to exclusively purchase Officially Licensed Products. How do you do that?

  1. Check out our growing list of vendors at (you can search by product type and even zip code!)
  2. Talk with your Chapter about ordering supplies, t-shirts and everything your Chapter needs at our approved vendors
  3. Order your merchandise from an approved vendor (including

Also, you can just look for this seal. Remember: No Seal, No Deal!



We’re asking for your cooperation to protect our name for all of us and we thank you in advance!

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