Introducing the New Recruitment Webpage

As Ned Stark said on Game of Thrones, “Brace yourselves, recruitment is coming.” Okay, so maybe he wasn’t talking about recruitment, but, like winter, recruitment requires preparation. In order for your Chapter to succeed in recruitment, you need to plan. Fear not! The National Office is here to help with an all new recruitment page!

Recruitment Page
Recruitment SM Graphic 2 Stop what you’re doing right now, open a new tab and go to This will be your homepage for all things recruitment. The page follows the Planning a Successful Recruitment Guide but breaks it down in a more manageable and clearer way. As you scroll through the page, you’ll see the different stages of recruitment and a brief checklist of what should be done within that stage. Click the “Learn More” buttons at the end of each stage for a more detailed PDF of the stage with a weekly meeting agenda, checklist and resources. This page will support your recruitment planning process and keep you on track to reach your recruitment goals!

TableTent PreviewRecruitment Materials Page
While on the /recruitment page, click on the rectangle at the top that says “FREE Recruitment Materials” (you can also go to This page has all of the free, downloadable recruitment materials you will need to get the word out about Phi Sigma Pi and your events. Each tool has a “Tips & Uses” PDF to educate you on how to customize (if applicable) and use the tool. Remember that recruitment is a Chapter-wide effort! Encourage your entire Chapter to use these tools year-round.

Recruitment Mailings Page
Now go to (we like to keep the links pretty simple). This is where you can find the form to fill out for recruitment emails. One new addition you will notice about the form is the “Personal Approach” section. We will now be adding more of a personal touch to our recruitment emails by sending one directly from your Chapter President or Initiate Advisor as a personal invitation.

Our goal is always the success and growth of our Fraternity. We hope that you will find these new pages helpful and informative so that your Chapter can feel prepared for a prosperous recruitment. If you ever have further recruitment questions or needs, do not hesitate to contact your Chapter Consultant or email us at

Happy Recruiting!

Leadership in ActionGet more Recruitment tips by checking out the recap from the Leadership in Action Tweet & Eat.


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