HOBY Alumni Spotlight #8

HOBY and PSP Logos

Phi Sigma Pi has a lot in common with HOBY, including Members! We want you to hear straight from them about why our organizations are so important to their lives.

Meet Kimmie Wodzanowski. She’s a HOBY Alumna and a Member of our Zeta Iota Chapter (’17) at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. We asked her a few questions about her experience with both organizations and why she’s excited for the partnership.

Kimmie WodzanowskiWhat HOBY programs have you participated in and when?
Pennsbury High School Representative at the HOBY PA East Seminar at Temple University in May 2011.

Describe your HOBY experience:
My HOBY experience has impacted me far greater than I ever imagined. It was the first time I had been away from home more than a night and definitely put me out of my comfort zone, but in the best way possible. HOBY fostered growth in my leadership abilities while being free of prejudge. It challenged me to take a stand and act for justice, for causes I am passionate about and has let me to be the strong leader and individual I am today. Without HOBY, I would not have been Pit Captain of my marching band for two years, earned my Girl Scout Gold Award or strived to be as heavily involved in Phi Sigma Pi as I am today, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities HOBY provided for me and so many other people.
HobyHow do you think HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are alike?
HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi are so alike in striving for fostering the same values in their members. HOBY is an opportunity for young scholars who have leadership potential to grow in that while also building connections and memories with lifelong friends they meet at the conference, Phi Sigma Pi does the same in giving bids to members who have shown strong dedication to scholarship and leadership and allowing their Chapters to help grow in these values as well as develop fellowship unlike any other organization you have ever been apart of in college.
Why are you excited for HOBY to be Phi Sigma Pi’s new National Philanthropy?
HOBY truly embodies the ideas of the tripod (scholarship, leadership and fellowship). Working with HOBY will provide endless opportunity to support and push young scholars and leaders to set expectations high, achieve their goals and work towards the betterment of all people in this work. There are so many opportunities for Phi Sigma Pi to get involved and I know this partnership will be a great one for both parties!
What is one thing about HOBY our Members should know?
HOBY is a huge opportunity to foster leadership ability, especially in people who may not see it in themselves. Just like Phi Sigma Pi, HOBY opens up the door for transforming people into high achieving individuals who are highly motivated in reaching their goals and making a difference in the world.

Are you a HOBY Alum and Phi Sigma Pi Member? Let us know at socialmedia@phisigmapi.org

Leadership in ActionLearn more about HOBY by watching a Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinar with HOBY!


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