Meet LiA Champion Jeanette Gaida

Leadership in ActionA Leadership in Action Champion is someone who donated $250 to the Leadership in Action program because they truly believe that the Modules equip Members with real life skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Learn more about Championing a Module. Find a full list of Modules and those who Championed them here.


Meet Jeanette Gaida (Epsilon Sigma Chapter ’11)
Jeanette Gaida

Jeanette has Championed the Managing Stress-Analyzing Your Stressors Leadership in Action Module. Request it here.

3 Facts About Yourself

  • I’m Jeanette Gaida, the first member of Epsilon Sigma Chapter at The University of Iowa, and I was a Charter Member of my Chapter which was also the first Chapter in the state of Iowa.
  • I’ve been living in Washington, D.C. for 5 years and have been serving in various leadership roles within Capital Alumni Chapter.
  • Outside of PSP and work, I play flute and piccolo in a community band.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?

My favorite PSP memory is the first time I went to National Convention in 2013 in Philadelphia. It was amazing to see the organization on a National level and I have gone every year since. Grand Chapter continues to be my favorite part because it’s great to hear from different Chapters around the country and learn what Brothers are doing on a local level.

What do you love most about Leadership in Action?

I love that Leadership in Action has taught me about my personal strengths and weaknesses and has helped me to improved my leadership and public speaking abilities. It’s a great program that has helped me in my job and in both my Collegiate and Alumni Chapter experiences. It’s also great to be able to teach others about the skills I have learned through the program.

Why do you think it is important to give back to Leadership in Action?

It’s important to give back to Leadership in Action because I want this program to continue for future Brothers and to help those that are already taking part in the program to continue to learn and grow in their leadership abilities. Leadership in Action is more than just learning about topics such as time management, stress and Officer transitions. It’s a chance for Brothers to develop and strengthen their bonds with each other while looking at interesting and engaging topics that apply in real life.

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?

It’s hard to sum up my love for Phi Sigma Pi in a few words, but, to put it simply, Phi Sigma Pi has changed my life. As a Charter Member, I learned how to fight through university bureaucracy, establish an organization on campus, recruit Members and delegate tasks to fellow Brothers. It has taught me leadership skills, given me life-long friends, and a community to belong to. As an Alumni Member, I was instantly welcomed into Capital Alumni Chapter when I moved to Washington, D.C. and it is because of the support and community that I found there that I have stayed involved and continue to give back to Phi Sigma Pi. Being a Brother in Phi Sigma Pi is a lifelong commitment and a privilege that I am honored to have. Phi Sigma Pi continues to give me fantastic opportunities to volunteer, learn and contribute to this amazing, indescribable thing called Brotherhood. I love Phi Sigma Pi because it has made me a better person and allowed me to be part of something bigger than myself.

Thank you Jeanette for your contribution to Leadership in Action and Phi Sigma Pi! 

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