#pspnc16: Passing of Amendment Two

The fun and excitement of National Convention’s Grand Chapter this year included the passing of an amendment related to Regions and Regional Conferences. Here we’ll share those amendments and the impact that each will have on your Chapter’s operations.

Section 2: Composition
Phi Sigma Pi shall consist as a collaboration of six (6) seven (7) components: the Grand Chapter, the National Council (including the National Council’s designated representatives), the Collegiate Chapters, the Alumni Chapters, the National Alumni Association, and the Alumni Associations and the Regions. Each component shall have specific  areas  of responsibility, as  described in this Constitution, and the authority necessary to advance the mission of Phi Sigma Pi.

Block amendment with:

Section 6: Vice President of Chapter Development
The Vice President of Chapter Development shall:
A. Ensure organization and installation of new Collegiate Chapters;
B. Promote a professional Fraternity image through reviewing National public relations efforts and standards;
C. Ensure all information pertaining to the growth and expansion of Phi Sigma Pi, is properly interpreted and disseminated;
D. Ensure the development and education of regional leadership;
E. Promote the continual education of Collegiate Chapter Officers and aid in the development of Chapters;
F. Promote communication and National unity among Regions and Chapters.
G. Serve as the National leader of Chapter development.

Block amendment with:


Section 1: Composition
Each Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi shall be grouped into one (1) Region, as defined by the National Council.

Section 2: Regional Conferences
Each Region shall be required annually to host at least one (1) Regional Conference for the purpose of promoting the ideals of scholarship, leadership and fellowship through educational sessions and social and service events.

Section 3: Regional Committees
Each Region shall form a Regional Committee for the purpose of expanding the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi, instilling regional awareness within the Region, promoting and fostering communication and interaction between the Chapters in the Region, and developing, planning and implementing Regional Conferences and events.

Section 4: Regional Committee Delegates
Each Chapter shall select a Regional Committee Delegate. The Regional Committee Delegate shall serve a term of one (1) academic year. The Regional Committee Delegate shall:
A. Attend Regional Committee planning meetings or send an Alternate should the Delegate not be able to attend.
B. Assist in the development, planning and implementation of the Regional Conference.
C. Provide the Chapter with a report of the Regional Conference planning progress during each regularly scheduled Chapter Meeting.
D. Share Chapter opinions with the Regional Committee
E. Actively promote Regional Conference attendance throughout the Chapter.
F. Attend the Regional Conference or send an Alternate should the Delegate not be able to attend.
G. Any other duties as assigned by the Delegate’s Chapter or by the Regional Committee
H.  Act as a liaison for the Chapter to other Chapters within the assigned Region.

Block amendment with:


Section 8: Distribution of Membership Lists
E. Regional Conference Delegates may use Member information properly acquired, either through their own means or with permission of the National Council, for Members who are part of that Region or entities comprising that Region for communication pertaining to the conference.


Chapters are no longer constitutionally required to plan Regional Conferences. In short, the Regional Delegate position and its mandated requirements have been removed from the National Constitution. While the Chapter may wish to keep this as a local role, many Chapters will have the Regional Delegate position transition into the Inter-Chapter Relations (ICR) Chair.

For some Chapters, this transition may be fairly easy since their Regional Delegate also served as ICR Chair previously. The ICR Chair and corresponding Committee is responsible for creating connections with different Phi Sigma Pi Chapters in your area and around the country, think of them as your Chapter Ambassador. ICR Chairs from different Chapters can work together to collaboratively plan events, support individual Chapter events and promote idea sharing between Chapters.  Dissolving regional “borders” allows Chapters to have more freedom to connect with nearby Members and Chapters.

Here are some things your Chapter can do to ensure compliance with this update to the National Constitution:

  • Review (and update, if necessary) your Chapter’s Bylaws and Operating Policies to ensure that they reflect the constitutional amendment. Reach out to your Chapter Consultant if you need help updating Chapter policies or practices.
  • Connect with other Chapters in your area. It is encouraged that regions/areas that want to plan and host a conference continue to do so. We want Chapters to work collectively to continue to host successful events that provide opportunities to engage with Members outside of their home Chapters.
  • Visit the Event Planning and Risk Management folders at phisigmapi.org/resources to review event planning tips and best practices. Once you have a fantastic ICR event idea, complete the online event planning form to ensure a fun and safe event for attendees.

For a full list of which proposed amendments passed at the 2016 National Convention, visit phisigmapi.org/nationalconvention


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  1. […] The passing of Amendment Two at the 2016 Grand Chapter has given your Chapter a really awesome opportunity. Because you are no longer required to plan and execute a Regional Conference, you get to plan and execute your own Inter-Chapter event on your own terms!  Not sure where to begin? It’s easy as 1-2-3! […]

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