Look Snappy with Snapchat Filters

If you attended the 2016 National Convention or followed us on Snapchat during that time, you may have noticed that we had some pretty sweet Snapchat geofilters throughout the week. Guess what? You can get them for your Recruitment events too! Why? Filters help gain interest in events, are a great way for your Members to share what they do with Phi Sigma Pi and help get our name in front of students. Your Chapter can even use them during Recruitment to gain interest in your events.

Step One – Create a Snapchat
If you haven’t already, download the app and create a Snapchat account for your Chapter. Make sure to add us (PhiSigmaPi)! Just please always remember to snap responsibly.

Step Two – Log In
Visit Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilter site and click the “Create Now” button which will take you to a login page. Log in with your Chapter’s Snapchat account.

Step Three – Design
Once you log in, you have two options: upload a design or create online with Snapchat’s design tools. If you have a Member in your Chapter who has access to Photoshop or Illustrator and can design a filter, have them download a template and design away (just make sure you follow snapchat’s design guidelines)! Feel free to use our logos found in the Resource Center. If not, click “Design” and then “Celebrations” to view templates you can edit. You can design separate filters for each of you events or you can design one for the whole of Recruitment.

Step Four – Schedule
Once your design is set, choose the dates for when you would like the filter to show up. The shortest amount of time you can choose is 1 hour. We recommend starting the filter at least 1 hour before the event so you can get PNMs interested in coming. Next you will choose where you want the filter to show up. Type in your school’s address and then build a fence around the building/area you want it to show up in. Remember, the longer you have the filter for and the larger the area you choose, the more expensive the filter will be. Once you draw the fence, you can see the price in the top left corner. If you need, you can adjust the time and fence to lower the price. One building for one hour will cost about $5.00 on average.

Step Five – Submit
Name the filter, review your order and enter payment. Now your filter will enter review (you will not be charged until the filter is approved). Review can take a few days so the earlier you submit your request, the better (we recommend at least a week). If you followed the guidelines, you should be approved!

Step Six – Use It!
The last thing you need to do is use the filter! When the time comes, take a photo and swipe left or right to find the filter (you may need to log out and back in to get it). Post it to Snapchat and also to your other social media accounts to encourage people to use it. Tell your Members and the PNMs who attend your event to use it as well!

Pro Tips

  • When designing your filter, think about how it’s going to be used and make sure it represents Phi Sigma Pi well. Remember that anyone (not just your Members) will be able to use the filter in the specified location so ensure that it cannot be used inappropriately.
  • Challenge your Members to use the filter and snap it to 2-3 friends as a personal invite to your Recruitment event
  • Ask PNMs that attend your Recruitment event to use the filter. You could even make it a competition of sorts. For example: snap your friend and invite them to come, if they show up then you win a prize.

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