Bid Cards Make Big Impressions

Asking a Potential New Member (PNM) to join Phi Sigma Pi is a big deal. It’s a special privilege and the way you go about asking them should reflect that. A bid card is a physical invitation to a PNM to begin the Initiation process of becoming a Member. It’s usually specifically an invite to the Pinning/Initiation Ceremony. Make a big impression by giving your PNMs quality bid cards. Here are a few tips on how to make them special:

Design your bid cards to reflect the brand and personality of your Chapter! There really are no right and wrongs to bid cards… you could hand make them or design them in Canva and they can be any size. The National Office has designed a few templates that you can print out or use as a reference when designing your own. Have the bids designed and ready even before bid voting starts to save time and stress and ensure quality bids. Remember that you want this to be something the PNM will want to keep to remember the night they were given the opportunity to join our fraternity.

Make it personal.
A personal touch is always a great idea! Put the PNM’s name on the bid card and your Chapter’s name. You can also have your Chapter President sign it! If you create the cards before bid voting even starts, just leave a blank to write the PNM’s name on it (but make sure you choose a Member with good handwriting to do this).

It’s all in the delivery.
Sure, putting bids in mailboxes or sending emails is easy, but how much more special would it be for a PNM to be approached by Members and personally asked to join? Have the Chapter split into groups, create routes and physically go hand out the bids. Make sure to wear your letters/pins and take photos for the PNMs as a keepsake. This public display may also create interest from those around the scene! Just make sure you practice what you’re going to say.  “Here, you’re in” would not make them feel very welcomed. Make sure they know how excited you are for them and how much of an honor this is.

Follow up.
After bids are handed out, have the Chapter President or Recruitment Advisor follow up with an email to each PNM to personally congratulate and welcome them. Offer words of encouragement for the Initiation process and include details for the next step (Initiation/Pinning Ceremony).

Have questions on giving out bids or want to run an idea by someone first? Contact your Chapter Consultant!


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