#psptbt: The National Website

Imagine the world without internet. For some of us, that’s impossible! However, there was a time when we didn’t have social media, email and websites to communicate with each other. In fact, it was only about 18 to 19 years ago that Phi Sigma Pi first developed its national website.

The September 1997 Purple & Gold announced in its bulletin section that the National Office had developed its first website.


Then in the March/April 1998 Purple & Gold, the bulletin thanked an Alpha Rho Alumna, Ashley Neal, for assisting the National Staff on the creation of the national website.

Though we can’t find http://www.losangeles.org/PhiSigmaPiHQ, you can use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view the Phi Sigma Pi website (phisigmapi.org) in it’s different states throughout the years starting in 1998. Not only is it cool to see how the design and technology has changed over the years, but you can see what had been happening in our Fraternity at that time! Enjoy this cool look into the past!


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