Meet Foundation Member Janine Mohlhenrich


The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation serves as the fundraising and philanthropic arm of the Fraternity. Membership is comprised of distinguished and generous contributors who seek to shape their brotherhood and communities. Donors are eligible to join the Foundation when they reach a lifetime giving level of $250 and at least $100 in the current fiscal year.

"My favorite thing about the Foundation is just being able to help the Fraternity do great things."

“My favorite thing about the Foundation is just being able to help the Fraternity do great things.”

Meet our new Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Member Janine Mohlhenrich.

Janine is a 2014 graduate of the Gamma Pi Chapter at Towson University. She is an active Member of BMAAC and currently holds the position of Tripod Officer.

“The biggest draw to me for becoming a Foundation Member is being able to give back to this organization that has given me so much. If I can help give other Members what this Fraternity gave me, it would be a huge reward.”

Looking for another way to remain involved as an Alumna, Janine started to get more involved in the Foundation over the past year. She began meeting with other Members and Staff for fellowship events and a philanthropic brainstorming session. She also has brought fresh insight on how to engage more young Alumni like herself and Collegiate Members.

“I believe that a lot of undergrads and even some Alumni can be confused about what The Foundation does.”

If you have any questions about The Foundation or how to become a Foundation Member, email Development Specialist, Juliana Good.


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