5 Big/Little Bonding Ideas

You just met your Little and it’s the beginning of what we hope to be a lifelong friendship full of encouragement, support and lots of “Brotherly love.” But first, you need to get to know each other! To break the ice and get you started, here are 5 Big/Little bonding ideas.


A Day of Favorites.
Find one day that you both have completely free to spend together. You each get to plan half of the day (decide who gets morning and who gets evening) to plan with your favorite things. For example, take them to your favorite restaurant, watch your favorite movie, go to your favorite spot on campus, play your favorite sport… you get the idea! This way your Big/Little gets to know what you’re passionate about and you get a full day to connect.

You learn a lot about people when you travel with them. Find an attraction that is only 30 minutes to an hour away to “roadtrip” to. Maybe a museum or a cool landmark. Decide who will drive and who will navigate. Use your time in the car to connect and learn about each other while you enjoy a nice outing away from campus. Double the fun and ask another Big/Little to come along for the ride!

Family Dinner Party.
Plan a Dinner Party for the Members of your “family” (Grandbig, twin, etc). Decide on a location, date and what you’re going to cook. Maybe even dress up and make it a fancy occasion! Share information about yourself as you share a family meal together.

Weekly Meetings Outside of Phi Sigma Pi.
To build a Big/Little bond, it’s important that you see each other outside of Phi Sigma Pi meetings and events. Pick a day of the week and specified time to meet for coffee or a meal. It’s a great way to check in with each other (especially during the Initiation process) and offer support if needed.

Support Each Other.
What is your Big/Little involved in on campus? Support them! Go to their sports games or attend their presentation. Seeing someone in action with something they’re passionate about is a great way to get to know them.

The Big/Little program is the most effective way in orienting an Initiate to the Chapter. It allows them to learn on a personal level and share their concerns and frustrations with the Initiation process. As a Big, you play a huge role in making your Little feel comfortable in  Phi Sigma Pi and having them want to continue on to become a Member. So what are you waiting for? Go get to know your Little!


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