Virtual Facilitator Training

Virtual Facilitator Training

Leadership in ActionFacilitator Training is going virtual for the first time ever, and you can participate!

Become a Leadership in Action Facilitator
Yes, that’s right, you can now become a Leadership in Action Facilitator by attending an online training on Tuesday, October 25th at 8 PM EDT. 

What does “Facilitator” mean?
After you go through Facilitator Training, you can start requesting Leadership in Action Modules and then teach the Modules to the Members in your Chapter. There are dozens of Modules to choose from. 

Need 5 more reasons to become a Facilitator?

1. You will be able to facilitate Leadership in Action Modules for your Chapter.
2. Facilitating Modules will make you more comfortable with speaking in front of a group.
3. You earn more Leadership in Action points, which means you earn your Certification faster.
4. It looks good on a resume.
5. It’s fun! Plus, one of the easiest scholarship events you can plan for your Chapter!

Attend Virtual Facilitator Training and you’ll even earn 6 Leadership in Action points! 


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