6 Festive Fall Fundraising Ideas

Changing leaves, crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween candy in the stores… Fall is here! Well, depending on where your school is located, you may not experience all of those things. But last Thursday (September 22) was the first day of fall. To celebrate, we’re bringing you 6 ideas for festive fall fundraisers!

6 Festive Fall Fundraising Ideas

Raking Leaves
Leaves can be fun when you’re jumping in them, but they can be a nuisance when you don’t want them in your yard! Go around your local community and see if anyone could use help raking leaves. You can also pass out flyers to professors and school administrators who might be willing to accept your help! Your Chapter could either purchase rakes or see if you could borrow a few from friends/family. Obviously, this only works if you live in an area where the leaves fall!

Hot Chocolate Bar
When you’re walking to class in the cold, there’s nothing sweeter than sipping on some hot chocolate! Get a table (maybe outside) and sell hot chocolate to passerbys. Step up your game by buying ingredients to put in the hot chocolate like caramel sauce, marshmallows, peppermints and cinnamon!

Haunted House
This one takes a little more effort but could be a ton of fun! Find a space (a room or even a whole building) to build a haunted house! Turn the lights low, find a scary spotify playlist, decorate with fake spiders and fog machines, place Members in costumes around the course or room and charge students to enter into your haunted house. Maybe even give away some candy at the end. Just remember to think things through and make sure you haven’t created any safety hazards.

Pumpkin Carving Contest
This one’s a classic: host a pumpkin carving contest! All you have to do is buy the pumpkins. Then you ask student organizations to register. They pick up their pumpkin, decorate it and then give it back to be displayed somewhere on campus (a good option is through tabling). Have the students purchase ballots to vote for their favorite pumpkin. The winning organization will win a prize which can be donated by the school or a business.

Humans Vs. Zombies
Humans Vs. Zombies is a survival game of tag where the “zombies” are trying to tag the “humans” to turn them into zombies. The last remaining “human” wins. Your Members would start out as the zombies (the number of starting zombies would depend on those registered) and students would register as “humans” for a fee. Whoever wins would receive a prize donated by the school or a business. You could also host a ending celebration with apple cider and candy to announce the winner. Just make sure everyone fills out an emergency contact form when registering!

Halloween Candy-grams
Sell candy with clever Halloween-inspired notes on them to be placed in campus mailboxes. You could offer notes that have various subjects such as Get Well Soon, Friendship, Love and Thinking of You. You could also have some blank cards for students to write their own message. A twist to this would be to deliver the candy to the recipient’s room wearing Halloween costumes!

When planning events, make sure to follow the 5 Steps to Event Planning and fill out the Event Planning Form if necessary.

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