Evaluating Your Recruitment

Ever since the start of the new term you’ve been immersed in Recruitment. You’ve put up posters, you’ve submitted your Recruitment email request, you’ve held events and engaged in conversation with Potential New Members. Now you’ve held Initiation and have some new, freshly pinned Members (or will soon), but you can’t stop there. Whether you feel like you had a successful Recruitment or one that could use improvement, it’s important to ask why. What worked and what didn’t? So today we’re talking about Recruitment evaluations.

Evaluating Your Recruitment


Recruitment evaluation is sort of the beginning of next term’s Recruitment. You’re figuring out what you need to change in order to avoid complications that happened this term or what you did well this term that you want to make sure you continue next term. Try these things when doing your evaluations…

Ask your new Initiates.
Who knows better about how well your Recruitment worked than your new Initiates? Give them a survey or hold a focus group. Ask them questions like “How did you hear about Phi Sigma Pi” and “What made you want to join.” You could even straight up ask them “What would you improve.”

Ask your Chapter.
Everyone recruits, but everyone doesn’t always get to be part of Recruitment planning. Ask your Members what they thought of the events and marketing. Maybe they’ve heard things from PNMs about your Recruitment that could be useful or maybe they saw another organization doing something that you Chapter could benefit from.

Look at the numbers.
How many Initiates did you pin this term compared to the last 3 terms? What did you do differently that could have affected those numbers? Maybe last term you pinned more because you did something that you didn’t do this term, such as Recruitment emails or using table tents. If that’s the case, then you might want to try those things again. Or maybe you pinned way more this term because you had more engaging Recruitment events or were louder on social media. Numbers can tell you a lot!

Look at other Chapters.
What did other Phi Sigma Pi Chapters do? What kind of events did they hold? Every Chapter is different and every school is different, but we can still use each other to encourage, inspire and even ignite a little friendly competition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to another Chapter asking them how their Recruitment went. You could even plan a group chat between several Chapters’ Recruitment Advisors to share successes and challenges!

Talk with your Chapter Consultant.
Your Chapter Consultant has been there, done that. They’re also well educated on the resources available to you and know what other Chapters are doing. They’re there to help and want nothing more than for your Chapter to succeed! So don’t hesitate to plan a chat with your Consultant on what went well and what you want to improve on next term. They’ll help you think things through, devise a plan and encourage you to follow through.

Here are a few tips for when you’re doing your Recruitment evaluations:

  • Keep all of the information you collect! Write everything down including numbers and all that you did for Recruitment (event details, copies of your posters, etc). Keep it all in a binder that can be passed down to future Recruitment Advisors so they can see what has worked and what hasn’t in the past.
  • Conduct your research in a way that allows honesty and openness. One way to do this is to use anonymous surveys or hold focus groups where the Recruitment Advisor is not in the room. Encourage Members/Initiates to speak their minds, but remind them that it should be constructive and with the goal of a successful Chapter in mind.
  • If there is data that you wish you had on this term’s Recruitment, make note to capture that data next year. For example, maybe you wish you knew how many people came to each information session and how each of them heard about it. Or maybe you want to know how many people stopped by your table at the activities fair versus last year so you know if your setup was more engaging.

When planning for next term, don’t forget about our all-new Recruitment page, Recruitment Resources and Recruitment Mailings!


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