A Guide to Inter-Chapter Relations

The passing of Amendment Two at the 2016 Grand Chapter has given your Chapter a really awesome opportunity. Because you are no longer required to plan and execute a Regional Conference, you get to plan and execute your own Inter-Chapter event on your own terms!  Not sure where to begin? It’s easy as 1-2-3!


1. Create the Committee
Inter-Chapter Relations (ICR) is one of the suggested Committees for each Chapter. It is the Chapter Vice President’s responsibility to coordinate and oversee Committees. So if you don’t already have one, speak with your Vice President about starting one and appointing Members.

2. Connect with Local Chapters
It is completely up to your ICR Committee as to who your Chapter connects with! We suggest reaching out to the Chapters nearest you and connect with their ICR Committees/Chairs so when it comes time to plan an event, you already have their contact information. You could even create a GroupMe or a group on Facebook with these Members to keep in touch and plan events.

3. Plan ICR Events!
The possibilities of ICR events are endless. It could be as simple as inviting other Chapters to your Pinning/Induction Ceremonies or your Founders Day. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Sport Tournaments
  • Retreats/Conferences
  • Service/volunteer
  • Show a Chapter around your campus/community and then switch so they can do the same
  • Meet halfway at a museum, sporting event or attraction
  • Hold Leadership in Action Modules together
  • Check out the folder in the Resource Center dedicated entirely to event planning and regional event planning for more ideas and tips!

If there isn’t another Chapter within traveling distance, get creative and plan something virtual! Just don’t forget to follow all of the tips/guidelines for planning events. This includes filling out the event planning form and all other applicable forms (such as emergency contact).

The Gamma Xi (Drexel) and Alpha Lambda (Temple) Chapters started the Philly Cup, an ICR soccer tournament, about 10 years ago. It has grown to about eight different Chapters who attend annually!


“I love Phi Sigma Pi because of events like Philly Cup where I can meet Brothers from all over the country. Where I can open up my doors to people who are practically strangers, but who are actually family.” -Eric Von Hofen (Gamma Xi Chapter ‘17)

ICR events are not only great for fellowship, but they allow Chapters to share ideas, confide struggles and bond on a deeper level. They give Chapters a bigger view of the Fraternity and allow Members who are unable to attend National Convention to network with other Chapters. We can’t wait to see all of the awesome ICR events that are going to happen this year!

If you work with a Chapter this year that displays exemplary ICR fellowship, nominate them for the Jeffrey L Johnson Interchapter Fellowship Award!

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