The Quality Response Guide

Recruitment: check! Pinning: check! Now you’re in the Initiation process with your freshly pinned Initiates. However, it’s important to remember that although they are on their way to becoming Members, your Initiates are still figuring out if Phi Sigma Pi is the right fit for them (and vice-versa). It’s still possible for them to raise concerns about joining the Fraternity and it’s the Chapter’s responsibility to be prepared to answer those concerns. Enter the Quality Response Guide!

The Quality Response Guide is just one of the many great resources available to Initiate Advisors in the Resource Center. It was created to prepare Chapters to respond to concerns in a manner that is respectful and informative to maintain Initiates’ full interest in joining.


The left column includes concerns that Initiates may have while the right column contains the appropriate responses. Read over these and know the responses by heart. Practice with your other Executive Board Members on how you would respond if an Initiate raises a concern.

Things to keep in mind when addressing these concerns:

  • Respond in a calm and empathetic manner
  • Avoid acting offended or aggressive
  • Approach the concern with an open mind
  • Evaluate the concern and bring it to the Executive Board if it is valid and needs to be looked at within the Chapter
  • Encourage Initiates to come to you with concerns so they can be talked through instead of bottled up

Being able to address concerns with empathy is a great tool to retain Initiates. Sometimes an Initiate may need a little extra help to get them through the process or there might be a misunderstanding about the Fraternity or the process in joining that can easily be resolved. Just make sure that everything is talked through and both parties have given their best effort to work through concerns.

If you are confronted with a difficult concern or situation that you are not sure of how to respond, don’t be afraid to reach out to your Chapter Consultant!

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