Adding Alumni to the Initiate Program

What better way to set your Initiates up for success than by connecting them with those who have been through it all: Alumni! Alumni can be a key tool for Chapters when it comes to the Initiate Program. In fact, Alumni desire to be part of it. They want to share their advice and stories that encourage and inspire Members in their journey through Phi Sigma Pi. Therefore, today’s blog is all about adding Alumni to the Initiate Program.


From Day 1
Communicate from the beginning with Initiates about the importance of Alumni and active Alumnihood. Even during casual conversations, plant the seed that Brotherhood is for life and the benefits of Membership last far after graduation.

Guest Speakers & Mentors
Invite Alumni to return to the Chapter as guest speakers and mentors. These Alumni can share their success stories and offer advice, while relating to current Initiates (and Members). Have Alumni attend Chapter Meetings or give a short presentation about the importance of staying active with Phi Sigma Pi following graduation. This is also a great time to collect testimonials from Alumni to use during recruitment! This can also include:

  • Virtual Interviews
  • Pen Pal Program
  • Alumni Panel

Alumni Who’s Who
Ask the Historian and Alumni Chair to co-plan a family tree night for Initiates to see who all the Alumni are in their Big/Little family line. Pull out photos, scrapbooks and videos to show the Initiate class (this is also a great time to make sure everything is documented). Then have the Initiates reach out to 1-2 Alumni Members in their family line to introduce themselves.

Invite Alumni to Induction
Induction is a very special event not only for the Initiates, but also for all Members. It’s a time to reaffirm our values and ideals. Invite Alumni to attend the Induction ceremony. Plan a special Brotherhood dinner to precede or follow the ceremony to give the newly inducted Members time to meet Alumni. This is also an opportunity for Alumni to come back to campus, the Chapter and their Brothers to bond and live the Tripod.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to incorporate Alumni into the Initiate Program, what are you waiting for? Contact your Alumni today!

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