Sending your Delegate to #pspnc2017

Grand Chapter: you know it happens every year and 2017 is no exception. This year the 2017 National Convention will be held in Washington D.C. from August 2 – August 6, 2017. All Chapters will be required to send at least one Delegate as outlined in the National Constitution.

sending-your-delegate-to-pspnc2017Article V, Section 3:
Each Collegiate Chapter and Alumni Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi shall be required to send one (1) official Delegate to each meeting of the Grand Chapter. Each Collegiate Chapter and Alumni Chapter may also designate one (1) Alternate Delegate, who may assume the rights and responsibilities of the official Delegate as necessary. All official Delegates must be selected and reported to the National Office no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled Grand Chapter Meeting. Chapters shall be responsible for the Grand Chapter registration and other fees for the attendance of the official Delegate.

There are two things to decide and we encourage our Chapters to start thinking about them sooner rather than later…

1. Who will be your Chapter Delegate?

This is 100% completely up to your Chapter! You choose who you send as your Chapter’s Delegate and Alternate. If you aren’t too sure how to decide, here are several ways that Chapters have decided in the past:

  • Send the Chapter President and/or Vice President.
  • Send the Chapter Parliamentarian (They know Parliamentary Procedure!).
  • Nominate who to send and hold a vote (just like E-Board elections).
  • Send last year’s Alternate to be this year’s Delegate and vote on this year’s Alternate, who will then be next year’s Delegate.

Here are things that you should look for in a Chapter Delegate/Alternate:

  • Responsible and timely.
  • Will be returning to campus next term to inform Chapter of all that happened.
  • Will represent your Chapter in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Understands your Chapter’s stance on Fraternity issues and will communicate that with the Grand Chapter.

2. How will you cover the cost of sending your Delegate?

Be prepared to cover the cost of registration, the hotel, travel and food. Several ways to cover these costs include:

  • Fundraising on your campus and in the community.
  • Requesting funds from your school administration (We have a letter all ready for you to use!).
  • Dividing up the total cost and including it in your local dues.
  • Reaching out to Alumni and soliciting sponsors.

There are ways to lower your costs too!

  • Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing by registering your Delegate early (registration will open in early 2017).
  • Do your research and find out which method of transportation will be cheaper. It may take you longer to drive, but will gas money be cheaper than a flight?
  • Book your flight early if you choose to fly. Ticket prices go up the closer you get to the flight date.
  • If you choose to drive, carpool with local Chapters to divvy up the gas cost.
  • If you know someone in the area, reach out to them about staying at their place instead of paying for a hotel room.
  • If you choose to stay at the hotel, request a quad or triple rather than a single. It will be more cost effective.

Start preparing for the 2017 National Convention NOW! You are required to send at least one person for you Chapter, but remember that all Members are welcome to attend as general attendees! If you aren’t chosen as your Chapter’s Delegate and still wish to attend, which we hope you do, start saving up!

If you have concerns about choosing a Delegate or want to discuss ideas on how to cover the costs, reach out to your Chapter Consultant!

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  1. […] for acting in the Delegate’s place should they be absent at any point during Grand Chapter. If your Chapter has not decided on who they will send to National Convention as their Delegate/Alter…! The National Alumni Association also sends Delegates to Grand Chapter. Nominations opened […]

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