5 Ways to Save Up for #pspDayofGiving

Phi Sigma Pi’s Day of Giving falls on November 29th this year, just five days after Thanksgiving and one month away from today. This time of year it’s common to reflect on the best things in life and we will definitely be thinking about you! We hope you’ll think of us too and consider making a gift to the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation. If you’re ready to take the step of contributing financially to the Fraternity, but you’re not sure where your gift is going to come from, we’re here to help! Here are five easy ways to save up your money between now and November 29th so you can give back to the Fraternity on #pspDayofGiving.


1. Put $1 away each day and in 31 days you will have enough to cover your NAA Membership dues! Want to tell an Alumnus that you’re thankful for them? Use your donation as a way to cover their dues (just make sure to note that with your donation).

2. Place a donation jar on your Thanksgiving table and tell everyone why you are thankful for Phi Sigma Pi. A few dollars from each family Member/friend and you can make a meaningful impact!

3. If you live in an area where the leaves fall, go around your neighborhood/community and offer to rake leaves for a small donation towards Phi Sigma Pi. Tell them what we’re all about and the impact that their donation will make on the Fraternity, your Chapter and you personally!

4. Ask your parents/guardian to make a pledge to donate $5 for every “A” you’re earning on November 29th (we know you’re smart!). They could also join the Phi Sigma Pi Parents Club, but make sure they join on November 29th so their contribution counts towards our Day of Giving!

5. Take one thing out of your Cyber Monday shopping cart and donate that money to Phi Sigma Pi instead!

Phi Sigma Pi’s Day of Giving is the best day of the year to make a donation to the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation! The generosity of our matching donors allows your gift to make a bigger impact on this one day only. We hope you’ll join us on November 29th by making a gift, spreading the word and following our progress on the Fraternity’s Facebook and Twitter!


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