2017 Inaugural Leadership Academy Dates & Locations

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been?), Phi Sigma Pi is launching a brand new opportunity for our Members to connect with Members from other Chapters, develop as leaders within their Chapter and grow personally as well as professionally. This opportunity is called Phi Sigma Pi Leadership Academy and there are seven taking place for the first time across the country from February to April 2017! Which one is nearest you?


For more information on the Leadership Academy program, you can visit phisigmapi.org/leadershipacademy and make sure to check out the FAQ page! Here are the most important points to know:

  • All Members, including Collegiate Members, Alumni Members and Faculty Advisors, who want to better their Chapters and themselves as leaders are encouraged to attend.
  • This is a professional program that is meant to challenge, empower and inspire attendees.
  • You can attend ANY Leadership Academy. Though, we do recommend looking at the one closest to you in location.
  • The registration fee will be $45 per person (This and this will help cover it!).
  • The core curriculum includes personal leadership development, Officer and Committee Chair training, strategic planning and interpersonal skills.

We hope you’ll plan on joining us for this exciting opportunity! If you or your Chapter has any further questions about the Leadership Academy program, contact leadershipacademy@phisigmapi.org.


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