Steps for Planning a Successful Service Event


As Members of Phi Sigma Pi, it is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than when we found it. We can do that by planning and executing service events on our campuses and in our community. Here are the steps for planning a successful service event, big or small!

1. Identify a cause.
You first have to either identify what your Chapter is passionate about or identify a local philanthropy that your Chapter would like to support. Ask your Members to give their ideas or offer three suggestions and take it to a vote. Pick causes that your Members are passionate about.

2. Brainstorm how you can help.
The three main ways that you can support a cause is by

  • raising awareness
  • raising funds
  • or physical work.

How can your Chapter best support the cause? If you’re supporting a specific organization the best way to find how you can help is by contacting them. Maybe they don’t need donations, but could really use some physical help. You want to make sure that the Chapter is supporting them in the way that they actually need it.

3. Partner with another organization.
This is an optional step, but it can be very beneficial to partner with another organization on campus when it comes to service events. You can partner with Greek organizations, clubs or even departments on campus such as the Center for Diversity or Counseling Center. You can also partner with HOBY by inviting HOBY Alumni to volunteer at your event. Partnering has several benefits including

  • More exposure, especially with an organization that is well known on campus
  • More resources
  • Expertise on the cause

4. Set the details.
Make sure your entire Chapter is aware of the details! These include

  • Where the event is taking place and where your Members should meet if applicable
  • When the event is taking place (start and end time) and what time to meet if applicable
  • What to wear (Letters? Clothes to get messy in? Closed toe shoes?)
  • Drivers if needed

5. Make a checklist of what you need to do/accomplish.
Create a list of everything that needs to get done before your event. Do you need to hang posters? What about purchase supplies? Maybe you need to reserve a room on campus? Create the list with due dates and who’s responsible. Check in frequently to make sure everything is getting done on time.

6. Execute.
Okay, you’ve planned and checked everything off of your list, now it’s time to get out there and impact your community! Have fun and be flexible. If something doesn’t go as planned, stay calm and adjust. Work with what you have and lean on your Members to help out.

7. Evaluate.
Get together with your Service Committee and the Members that helped plan the event. How do you think the event went? Did you accomplish your goals? What could you have improved upon and what would you have done differently now that it’s over? Use this information in your planning for next time so your service events are always improving! Also, be sure to reach out to any organizations your worked with. Thank them and give them the opportunity to provide feedback as well.

Check out the Resource Center for event planning resources such as 5 Tips for Event Planning

Leadership in ActionPlan events with the Strategic Planning- Turning Strategy Into Action Leadership in Action Module. Request it today.


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