Finding PSP Through HOBY – Jill Durso

While our Members are out serving at HOBY events, HOBY has been contributing to the growth of our Fraternity! Meet Jill Durso, Beta Pi Chapter ‘19 and HOBY Alumnus. To learn how Jill found Phi Sigma Pi through HOBY and the prestigious award she was presented, read on!

How did you first get involved with HOBY and what roles do you currently hold to stay involved?
I first got involved with HOBY my sophomore year of high school. I was selected to be the 2013 representative from my high school at the Connecticut HOBY Seminar. I attended Seminar in June of 2013 and quickly became involved with the Alumni Association afterwards. Currently, I am a volunteer with Connecticut and Massachusetts HOBY, as well as having served on Team Alumni at the HOBY World Leadership Congress for the past two summers.


Jill receiving the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from Javier LaFianza, the CEO of HOBY.

What’s the biggest highlight of your HOBY career?

The biggest highlight of my HOBY career has to be receiving the Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Every year, HOBY selects two Alumni under the age of 25 internationally to receive this prestigious award. I was recognized for the work I had done to set up a scholarship in memory of my close friend who had passed away in middle school. When I found out I was selected for this award, I was truly blown away and have never felt more appreciated as a HOBY volunteer.

Beta Pi Chapter

The Beta Pi Chapter volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

How did you learn about Phi Sigma Pi and what attracted you to join?
I learned about Phi Sigma Pi through a blog on After reading the post I immediately looked to see if my university had a Chapter. After finding out they did, I met with some Members at the involvement fair. Right away I knew I wanted to be part of Phi Sigma Pi, not only because their philanthropy is HOBY, but because I felt like I had found my group of people.

What advice would you give to Phi Sigma Pi Members who are volunteering at a HOBY event for the first time?
Have fun! One similarity I have found between HOBY and PSP is that they both include very similar types of people. If you love your Brothers you will love the HOBY volunteers and Alumni. Also, really take the time to get to know the HOBY volunteers and Ambassadors. They are some really outstanding people with very incredible stories.


Connecticut HOBY and Phi Sigma Pi Members held a combined even together!

What would you say to HOBY Alumni who are thinking about joining or starting a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter?
I would say DO IT! All HOBY Alumni complain that Seminar is only a few days a year because we wish we could be with our HOBY family all the time. Well, I have found that Phi Sigma Pi is nearly identical to my HOBY family. Joining PSP is the quickest and most effective way to continue your HOBY story.


Are you a HOBY Alumnus looking to join/start Phi Sigma Pi? Visit to get started!

Are you a Phi Sigma Pi Member looking to get involved with HOBY? Then is the place to be.



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