5 Tips To Event Planning

Leadership in ActionAfter classes get started and recruitment events are done, we start looking forward to the the rest of the term and year with anticipation for some fun! The spring is when many Chapters and Associations host larger events – whether they be campus-wide or inter-Chapter. So now’s the perfect time to start planning to make sure those events are fun, safe and successful.

IMPORTANT: Remember when planning events to fill out the Event Planning Form. This is mandatory and great practice for the real world.

Watch this video for 5 Steps to Event Planning and then request one of the following Leadership in Action Modules that will help you with the planning. They are:

  • The Team Foundation- Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • Juggling Multiple Priorities- I Can Do That Later
  • The Great Balancing Act- Wasting Time

Did you know? Sign up for Leadership in Action and get your first LiA points towards your Certification!

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Leadership in Action is a certification program for Members of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Members participate in sessions called Modules to learn new skills they can use right away in their Chapters and in everyday life!

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