Marketing Your Service

Leadership through service- it’s one of the three ideals of our Tripod and it should be part of your brand on campus. When people think of Phi Sigma Pi are they thinking of the impact your Chapter makes on your campus and in the community? Let’s talk about how your Chapter can market your service!


Before you market your service you actually, you know, need to serve! Check out the Resource Center for some great tips on planning service events and also check out our HOBY page to find out how you can work with our National Philanthropy!

Visuals are very important when it comes to marketing. Make sure at least one Member is assigned to taking pictures at your service events. Use a professional camera if you can. If none of your Members have one, see if you can borrow one from a friend or from the school. Get photos of your Members participating in the event and interacting with the community as well as a staged photo with all of the participants. These photos can be used in all of your marketing efforts!

Social Media
Now that you have all of those great photos, post away! Right after your event, make a post on all of your social media accounts explaining what your Chapter did, who it impacted and how it impacted them. Don’t forget to tag any organizations you worked with and thank them! Who knows, maybe we’ll Retweet/Share your awesome service event on our Fraternity pages!

On Campus
There are several outlets to reach out to on campus to market your service. These are…

  • Radio
  • Newspaper
  • Television

Your campus might not have all of these or they might have more. The easiest way to reach out to these media outlets is through sending a press release. A press release is a short, concise summary of a news story. In your press release you want to tell who you are and what you did. Don’t skip the details- be as specific as you can with how your Chapter made an impact. Be sure to collect this data during the event! For example, know how much money you raised, how many dogs you walked or how many cans of food you collected.

Your Chapter can get recognized on the national level through national awards. Once your Chapter executes your awesome service event, nominate it for the Josh and Britt Marder Excellence in National Philanthropy Award (if it benefitted HOBY) or the C.H. McClure Single Service Award (for all other service events). You can submit these nominations at any time during the year (the deadline is June 15).

Recruitment is year-round, but when it comes time to specifically focus on recruitment, make sure service is part of it! Include your past service events and any local philanthropies you work with in your Recruitment message- it may attract attention! For example, talking about how your Chapter works with HOBY may aid in recruiting HOBY Alumni (like Jill Durso). Maybe even consider making a recruitment event service-related so Potential New Members can experience first-hand the impact that could be making with your Chapter.

We encourage you to brainstorm more with your Public Relations Chair/Committee on how you can communicate your Chapter’s impact on campus and the community through service. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

Leadership in ActionLearn about ways you can volunteer with HOBY by watching a Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinar.

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