Meet LiA Champion Stephen Cristiano

Leadership in ActionA Leadership in Action Champion is someone who donated $250 to the Leadership in Action program because they truly believe that the Modules equip Members with real life skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Learn more about Championing a Module. Find a full list of Modules and those who Championed them here.

Meet Stephen Cristiano (Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’15)
Stephen Cristiano (Epsilon Alpha Chapter '15)

Stephen Cristiano has Championed The Art Of Effective Communication- Communicating By Styles Leadership in Action Module. Request it here.

3 Facts About Yourself

  • I am an Alumnus of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter ’15 at Kutztown University.
  • I am also the President of one of our newest alumni associations Metrolina Alumni Association.
  • I have been a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi for 4 years and now reside in Charlotte North Carolina since August to begin my career as a teacher.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?

My Favorite Phi Sigma Pi Memory so far has to be seeing the idea of bringing an Alumni organization to the Charlotte area with Metrolina Alumni Association become a reality. After being involved in NYMAAC I knew when I was finalizing my move to Charlotte area that I wanted to bring the same experience I got through NYMAAC down to the Carolinas. We still have a ways to go before becoming an Alumni Chapter but next to becoming a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi helping start up Metrolina Alumni Association with the help of Jenna Berinsky has to be my favorite Phi Sigma Pi Memory.

What do you love most about Leadership in Action?

What I love the most about Leadership in Action is how it can help all Brothers, whether it is undergraduate or Alumni grow throughout the various Modules. In addition, I love bringing into Modules I have led experiences I have had and seen through my time as a Brother to help empower Brothers with the skills to be excellent Brothers and Leaders.

Why do you think it is important to give back to Leadership in Action?

I think it is important to give back to Leadership in Action for what it has done for all Brothers. Prior to becoming a Leadership in Action Facilitator, I had leadership experience but lacked the confidence to help be an effective leader and communicator. However, after leading Modules with fellow Epsilon Alpha Alumni Stephanie Oltman and Nicholas Christy I was able to show Epsilon Alpha Chapter how effective the Modules can relate back to all Brothers. In addition, I wouldn’t be the Brother I am today if it was not for Leadership In Action and want all Brothers to have the same experiences I’ve had in my 4 years as a Brother.

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?

Phi Sigma Pi since I became a Brother on November 11, 2012 has become my home away from home. Whether it has been while at Epsilon Alpha, my time involved with NYMAAC, and now Metrolina Alumni Association Phi Sigma Pi has become a second family for me. One in which I can go to Brothers for help and advice on anything along with grow as a person and Brother. Without Leadership in Action and Phi Sigma Pi, I wouldn’t be the person, teacher and Brother that I am today.

Thank you Stephen Cristiano for your contribution to Leadership in Action and Phi Sigma Pi! 


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