Getting Your Chapter Involved in HOBY Seminar


By: Sunshine Navarro Shively, Registration & Outreach Manager, HOBY International

Do you really want to help your local HOBY State Leadership Seminar?

I know many of you want to help HOBY but just don’t know where to start.  To put you in the right direction, I’ve transcribed an imaginary conversation I had with a Phi Sigma Pi Member.  Hope it’s helpful!

So, what do you think of HOBY and our new partnership?

I think it’s an outstanding organization and our missions are so aligned – it’s great!

Is your Chapter going to help the local State Leadership Seminar?

We want to, but…


I just don’t know where to start.  And I don’t have time to look it all up right now.

You can start by opening this map.  It contains all the locations of HOBY State Leadership Seminars. Click on the Seminar that is closest to your Chapter or the Seminar your Chapter would like to support.

Whoa!  Clicking on the Seminar provides additional information, like their date and location and even their registration fees.

Yup! Contact the leadership team for the Seminar by sending an email to the contacts provided.

What do I tell them?

Let them know you’re from Phi Sigma Pi, and that you’re willing to help out.  The first thing you should ask for is their Seminar Wish List.

Their what?

Seminar Wish List.  It’s a wish list to let PSP Chapters know what they need most.  Depending on the Seminar, they may be most in need of office supplies, recruitment help, sponsorships, volunteers for the Seminar, volunteers with specific skills or volunteers for their planning committees.

Oh, so they tell us what they need and our Chapter figures out how to make it happen?


Well, that’s not too hard.

Not at all.  Some may even work directly with your Chapter to figure out how best to collaborate.

Anything else I should know?

Yes, HOBY has a program for high school juniors and seniors called the Advanced Leadership Academy (or ALA) in Loyola University Chicago from July 6 to July 11, 2017.  Check it out, and spread the word to your siblings, friends, neighbors, former high school, local high schools – any high school junior or senior you know!  Students earn one college credit just by participating in this program.  Wouldn’t it be fetch to earn college credit before they even enter college?

Yeah, that’s awesome. Are you trying to make “fetch” happen?

Can PSP members get involved with the ALA, too?

Yes!  We’re looking for volunteers ages 18+ to be Assistant Project Coaches and to be part of Team Alumni.  Learn more about ALA here.  Deadline to apply is January 20, 2017.

Wow!  This has been very helpful.

Thanks.  You heading out now?

Yeah, I’ve got some imaginary studying to do.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or 818-851-3980.

Leadership in ActionLearn more about how to get involved with HOBY’s Seminar by watching this Leadership in Action Lunch & Learn Webinar.


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