How To Set Up An Affiliate Program

Leadership in Action

If you have students who are interested in joining Phi Sigma Pi but aren’t quite eligible yet, set up an Affiliate Program. Not sure what that is? Watch this video then hear from the Beta Alpha Chapter below:

The following questions were answered by Erica Matero (Beta Alpha Chapter ’17):

Why did your Chapter start an Affiliate Program?
Beta Alpha Chapter started the Affiliate Program in order to retain the first semester freshmen who were potential new members. Many of the freshmen who sought out Phi Sigma Pi first semester would end up joining another Fraternity because they did not want to wait and become an Initiate. By implementing the Affiliate Program, we were able to show them what Phi Sigma Pi was all about and keep them interested.

Beta Alpha Chapter
What does your Affiliate Program look like?
We have 1-2 Affiliate Advisors who meet with the Affiliates once a week. The Advisors discuss upcoming events and general Fraternity news with the Affiliates. Affiliates are only required to attend one event and one Chapter, and depending on the number of Affiliates, plan their own event for Members to attend. The Affiliates are welcome at most Phi Sigma Pi events (mainly excluding Initiation/Induction seeing as they are not actually Members or Initiates yet).

What are some pros/cons of an Affiliate Program?

  • Pros: preventing freshmen from losing interest, potential Initiates become invested early and have time to think about leadership positions
  • Cons: devoting resources to Affiliates that may not stay
How do you get potential new members interested in sticking with an Affiliate Program?
It is easiest to keep Affiliates interested if there are several and if they attend a lot of Phi Sigma Pi’s events. Having a welcoming and enthusiastic Affiliate Advisor is important to make sure that they feel welcome at the events and so that the Advisor can help introduce brothers to Affiliates.

Now, Request one of the following Leadership in Action Modules to help you set up a program:

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