HOBY needs YOU!


By: Sunshine Navarro Shively, Registration and Outreach Manager, HOBY International (shivelys@hoby.org)

Happy New Year and welcome to a new term, Phi Sigma Pi Members. We at HOBY love the New Year because that means our State Leadership Seminars will be here soon. Although our Seminars take place between May and June 2017, the next few months are critical for staff and volunteers to get students registered and paid, find enough sponsors to help fund the Seminars, finalize all the arrangements with our Seminar venues, ensure we have enough supplies for all our Ambassadors, and recruit enough volunteers to cover all our volunteer positions.

This is when HOBY can really use your help!

Here are some things to consider about helping HOBY:

  • How much time can you commit to volunteering? Do you want to work on special projects on your own time? Do you have time to help plan or be part of a committee? Do you want to help with activities leading up to the Seminar? Are you 21+ years old and would like to interact with students directly? Can you make it for one day, two days, or the entire weekend?
  • What are your skills? Do you have experience with project management, fundraising, volunteering at events, or interacting with youth? Are you artistic, creative, or have graphic design skills to help design materials for the Seminar? Do you have other skills you think can be useful?
  • How involved can you realistically get? Will you be able to handle finals or other end-of-the-year challenges leading up to the Seminar? Do you want to help but not want to put a lot of effort or time into it? Can you commit and follow through on whatever you decide to do?
  • Will you do this alone or with your Chapter? Is volunteering for HOBY something you want to do personally/own your own, or something to do with your Chapter/as a group?
  • Do you personally know students who can benefit from our programs? Can you reach out to family and friends to invite them to participate in HOBY? Can your Chapter sponsor a student directly involved from your outreach (a sibling, friend, relative, or neighbor of a Chapter Member)?

Now that you’ve considered these things, here’s what you and your Chapter can do:

  • Take the first step and reach out to your local HOBY Seminar. Find their contact information from the map and ask for their “Wish List” to find out what their biggest needs are. You can also contact Sunshine Navarro Shively at shivelys@hoby.org or 818-851-3980 x321 to help get connected to your nearest HOBY.
  • Once you know the needs, decide how you can help. Can you and/or your Chapter:
    • Fulfill their wish list of items with a collections drive?
    • Do a creative fundraiser to help support the students and volunteers?
    • Make recruitment calls to local schools to invite them to the Seminar?
    • Perform or coordinate a service project with the students?
    • Provide gifts-in-kind of items you already have?
  • Once you decide to help, see it through to the end. HOBY Seminars are completely volunteer-run and operated. Whether it’s before, during, or after the Seminar, your volunteer role is critical and part of something greater. The Seminars run effectively and the student Ambassadors have the best HOBY experience when everyone works collaboratively.

Please share this information with your Chapter Members. We look forward to your help!

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