E=MC2 Challenge: Let’s make connections!

We are super interested in expanding in these states, but give us all of your contacts. Let's see where we go next together!

We are super interested in expanding in these states, but give us all of your contacts. Let’s see where we go next together!

Phi Sigma Pi just turned 101! To kick off the next 100 years of Phi Sigma Pi, we are celebrating Founder’s Day with the launch of the E=MC2 Challenge!

E=MC2 stands for Expansion= Making Connections, Making Chapters!

Just like Chapters desire to share our ideals with new Members, nationally Phi Sigma Pi desires to share our ideals on new campuses by adding new Chapters.

During our Centennial Celebration, our National President Matt Nicoletta challenged Phi Sigma Pi to a goal of 200 Active Chapters across the country. The best way to start a new Chapter effort on a college campus is with an introduction or connection –a student, faculty/staff member, administrator or local contact who has many connections to the campus.

Since we know that Making Chapters starts with Making Connections, we are challenging the Phi Sigma Pi family to submit 200 connections in 101 Days!

  • Do you have a previous colleague who now works for a university?
  • Do you have a friend at another college or university who would be a great Founder?
  • Did your favorite professor or campus life professional transition into a role within another university?
  • Do you work in Higher Education?

We want Phi Sigma Pi’s ideals to be shared at as many campuses across the country! Help us achieve our goal by connecting us to your community of friends, family and acquaintances. How great would it be if they were all able to experience the impact of Phi Sigma Pi’s mission?

To make this challenge interactive, we have an E=MC2 Map that will be updated weekly with your connections!

Throughout the next 101 Days, you will get the opportunity to follow the Expansion team on a journey to start a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

Celebrate our 101st year by making connections across the country, expanding the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi to more campuses and communities! Submit your connections so that next year more Members will be celebrating our 102nd Founder’s Day.

The Expansion Team


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