Making Connections FAQ

Have you submitted all of your expansion connections yet? There are only 39 days left for you to get your connections in for the 2017-2018 academic year. Connecting the National Office to your contacts, on college campuses, you can help Phi Sigma Pi expand new Chapters across the country. Check out the FAQ’s below and submit your connections today!


Did you catch the launch of Phi Sigma Pi’s E=MC2 challenge?

For the next 39 days we are challenging the Brotherhood to submit 200 connections to students, faculty, staff and administrators at campuses across the country. These connections, at schools that do not have a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi, open up the door to offer the Phi Sigma Pi experience to more students. Together we can ensure Phi Sigma Pi grows in size and impact in the next 100 years!

Since the challenge launched we have received several questions about the challenge and the challenge map. We have answered a few of the FAQ’s below.

Why are some states highlighted on the map?

The highlighted states on the map are the expansion target states for 2017-2018. Target states are selected based on the number of potential campuses, interested students and alumni support in an area.

Can connections be submitted outside of the target states?

Yes! Phi Sigma Pi is always looking to start new Chapters all across the country. Submit any connections on a campus that does not already have a Chapter. Not sure where we already have Chapters? Check out a full listing here.

What happens after a connection is submitted?

Immediately after a connection is submitted, through the form, they will receive an email from the Expansion Coordinator. This email lets the person know they have been referred by YOU as a perfect fit to help start a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi on their campus. The Expansion Coordinator will work to set up a call with the connection and discuss the next steps in the expansion process.

How will we know if our connection leads to a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi?

Every Monday on the blog we will be sharing more about the expansion process and seeing if your connections turn into new Chapters! The expansion team will also be giving you an inside look on how we start new Chapters.

Submit your connections today!


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