Introducing the Rowan University Colony


Phi Sigma Pi would like to introduce our newest Colony at Rowan University!

In today’s Expansion Map Monday post, you will get a sneak peek at what the next few weeks holds for this group as they work to become a Nationally recognized Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity.

The National Office has been working with Rowan University for over a year to get a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi on campus. A student interest group formed in fall 2016, and together this group worked to spread the word on campus and began the process to achieve recognition as a campus student organization. On February 6th, 2017 the group was recognized by SGA and took the next steps towards becoming a Chapter.

From there, just like a Chapter hosts Invitational Meetings and events during Recruitment, the National Office worked with the interest group at Rowan to set up several invitational meetings on campus this spring.

Did you know: The National Office offers the same recruitment services used to start new chapters  to all Phi Sigma Pi Chapters for recruitment? Using a Potential New Members list, invitations are sent via email, and social media graphics and flyers are provided. Click here to learn more about the resources your Chapter can use for recruitment.

With the help of area Alumni, the group went through the Pinning Ceremony on Sunday, March 5th. Do you want to stay updated on the Rowan Colony’s progress, upcoming events, or Formal Induction Ceremony details? Fill out the form below!

Keep Me Updated

The Colony will now begin the Colonization program, which is designed to setup a strong Chapter foundation and prepare the Founding Members for their lifetime membership in Phi Sigma Pi. During this program, the Colony will work to establish governing documents, organize Chapter leadership, establish Chapter Advisors, and complete all requirements of the Initiation Program.

This is a brief look at what it takes to start a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. If you want to follow along with the process, check out the hashtag #leavealegacy on social media and check back here every Monday for updates.


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