Why should you submit a connection?

The National Office has received some great connections through the E=MC2  challenge and have already started the expansion process at several of the schools YOU have submitted. Today on the blog you will get to hear from Aubrey Klosterman (Beta Xi) as she shares why she connected Phi Sigma Pi with her friend at The University of Dayton.

Tell us about yourself

I am a Junior at Miami University studying in the Individualized Studies Program studying English Literature, History and Comparative Religion. I was inducted into the Beta Xi Chapter during the Spring 2016, so I’ve been involved with Phi Sigma Pi for a year now.

Win this blanket by submitting your connections to phisigmapi.org/makingconnections

What made you think of the person you submitted?

He has been to public events that our Chapter has held and has loved every minute of it. I have known him for a few years now, so he was able to see just how much I love Phi Sigma Pi.  He was interested in possibly joining a Chapter at Dayton, but realized there wasn’t one there. He expressed interest in Phi Sigma Pi because he saw how welcoming and involved it was, and wanted to share that same kind of experience with others at The University of Dayton. He’s really a genuine person and could bring a lot to his University and to Phi Sigma Pi with this new Chapter.

Why do you think a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi would do well at The University of Dayton, Ohio?

The people I’ve met and the atmosphere of the school would foster a healthy environment for Phi Sigma Pi to thrive. It is a school that encourages academic and social excellence in classes, educational passions, and skills to move into the “real world.” If a school is already doing an excellent job of accepting students that work hard for the betterment of themselves and others, having a Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi would allow for the best and the brightest to stand out.

How would knowing you contributed to starting a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi enhance your Phi Sigma Pi experience?

Personally, I went from having an average college experience to being active in something that meant a lot to the surrounding community, and I have met, and continue to meet, so many amazing people because of it. Watching that satisfaction blossom in another Chapter where this kind of organization possibly hasn’t yet existed? I’d be thrilled to see some fellow Members find their niche there!

What would you say to someone who hasn’t submitted a connection yet?

If you haven’t submitted a connection and you know of someone who would be a great fit for Phi Sigma Pi, do it now! It is a great opportunity for your connections to make the most of their college experience with a diverse group of people dedicated to doing great things. And, whether they have heard of Phi Sigma Pi or not, with just a little bit of information and guidance, I’m sure interest and love for Phi Sigma Pi will only grow!

Thinking about a connection you can submit?

Remember you have until midnight tonight to submit a connection that will be entered to win a Phi Sigma Pi blanket from GreekU!


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