Member At Large

The Member at Large position is an elected position in many Chapters. The goal of this position is to be unbiased with concerns in the Chapter and to keep the Chapter morale high.

Zeta Rho Chapter

Zeta Rho Chapter

The Zeta Rho Chapter at the University of Wisconsin, Madison has two Members in the Member At Large position. Chapter President Jordan Becker (Zeta Rho Chapter ’18) shares about the position, “Their responsibility is mainly to be the go-between for the Chapter Members and Eboard if there are issues. They also serve as “free therapy” in a sense because they are available to meet and talk about anything and everything with Members. They also supervise council. I think all Chapters would benefit from having a Member At Large but especially those going through large transitions or are having issues among Members. It is nice to have someone who has everyone’s best interest at heart and is always there for everyone all the time.”

Beta Rho Chapter

Beta Rho Chapter

We also heard from the Beta Rho Chapter at James Madison University. Elizabeth Zulauf (Beta Rho Chapter ’17) shared about the Member at Large position in her Chapter, “We have 2 Member At Larges’s that serve 1 year in an overlapping manner. We elect one each semester by sending out a survey with a list of everyone’s name, and Members check each person who they would feel comfortable with as a Member At Large. The top 5 people are asked if they would like to accept the nomination or not. If not enough people accept we continue down the list until we have at least 2-3 people who have accepted. Members are also allowed to self nominate for this position. The main responsibility for this position is to encourage people to voice their opinions or concerns anonymously to help Members feel more connected to the decisions of the Executive Board. The position also helps solve conflicts between Members. The Members at Large hold office hours once a week.”

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