Making Connections: Hear from a Founder

This week, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Founders of a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter work to leave their legacy on campus. Meet Ashley Zimmerman, President of the Phi Sigma Pi Colony at Rowan University.

Ashley is a sophomore at Rowan and a recent transfer from Virginia Tech. She was looking for something to get involved with after learning that her sorority did not exist on Rowan’s campus. She received an invitation to learn more about being a Founder of a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter at Rowan and felt like it was a perfect fit for her college experience. She emailed Tara, Phi Sigma Pi’s Expansion Coordinator, to learn more and see how she could get involved.

Ashley and Tara met on campus a week later to talk about Phi Sigma Pi. After learning more, Ashley started to let other students on campus know about this new opportunity and the Rowan Interest Group was formed. Ashley answered the following questions about how one person can help Leave a Legacy by starting a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

Ashley Zimmerman, President of the Phi Sigma Pi Colony at Rowan University

Why were you looking to get involved with something new on campus?

After being actively involved in multifarious organizations and leadership positions throughout my high school and college career, I not only gained a love and passion for being involved, but I realized the positive impact it had on my life and other people’s lives. As a transfer student, who was involved on her previous campus, I knew that in order to be successful I would have to get deeply involved at my new school, Rowan University.

What about Phi Sigma Pi seemed like the perfect fit?

After receiving an email and learning about Phi Sigma Pi and the Fraternity’s focus on scholarship, leadership and fellowship, I immediately reached out to Tara to figure out how I could help bring a Chapter to Rowan. Phi Sigma Pi seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to meet new people, to strengthen my leadership skills and to leave my mark on Rowan’s campus. Responding to that email was one of the best decisions I have made!

What has the process been like?

Our interest group worked last semester to spread the word about Phi Sigma Pi and get recognized by SGA. On February 6th, all of our hard work paid off when we were recognized by SGA as a registered student organization. We pinned over fifty students the week of March 5th, and we are currently going through the process of becoming Founding Members. I look forward to growing as a Chapter with incredible people by my side.

What is the best part about starting a new Chapter?

Phi Sigma Pi has helped me find my niche on Rowan’s campus as a transfer student. It is  allowing me to leave a legacy behind!

Do you have a friend, family member or co-worker who is about to transfer to a University that does not offer Phi Sigma Pi? Connect them to Phi Sigma Pi so they can leave a legacy by bringing this opportunity to campus!


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