Expansion Spotlight: Meet USciences!

USciences held their Pinning Ceremony on Sunday, April 9, 2017

Meet Phi Sigma Pi’s newest Colony at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. This group began last fall through a connection of Phi Sigma Pi’s Expansion Coordinator. The interest group has been working to get the word out on campus, identify areas of need in the community and achieve SGA recognition. After months of planning, meeting and working together, Phi Sigma Pi’s Interest Group at University of the Sciences obtained SGA recognition last week. On Sunday, 40 students went through the Pinning Ceremony, with several more attending a makeup Ceremony later this week. The students in the group represent twelve pre-professional programs and over 10 other student organizations.

Any potential or existing Phi Sigma Pi Chapter must do the same tasks to be successful. Intentional time needs to be spent finding best practices for recruitment, developing partnerships throughout campus and growing together as an organization. Each Phi Sigma Pi group has a unique niche on campus that they are able to fill and taking the time to find that niche sets the group up for later success. For University of the Sciences, that niche is a focus on interdisciplinary learning, interaction and mentorship.

One of the goals for this group is to provide more space on campus for interdisciplinary involvement and professional development. The student members of the Phi Sigma Pi interest group want to provide a space for the entire campus to work together to build a stronger environment for each student, faculty and staff member. They want to partner with leadership groups, academic groups and service organizations to help both students and the local community thrive. Plans have already begun to host an Inter-Professional Experience panel where professionals from a variety of fields would be invited to talk to the campus about their experience with interprofessional collaboration. The goal for the event is for students to learn about the collaboration that is needed in the workplace, and where opportunities exist for current professionals to partner together , across fields, to accomplish the same goal.

We are excited to see how this group continues to get involved with their campus and community partnerships. Do you have partnerships that make your Chapter even stronger? What niche on campus are you filling as an organization? We would love to hear from you!  

Don’t forget about the E=MC2 Challenge! Do you have partnerships or connections on other campuses that may not have a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter? Is there a campus you know of that would benefit from an organization like Phi Sigma Pi that focuses on holistic student development? Click the “Submit Connection” button below, and fill out the name of your contact today!


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