#pspnc2017: Grand Chapter

We are now 111 days away from Phi Sigma Pi’s 2017 National Convention in Washington, D.C.! We’re highlighting all of the great experiences you will have at National Convention and today we’re talking about Grand Chapter.

Article V, Section 1 of the National Constitution:
“All final legislative powers of Phi Sigma Pi shall be vested in the Grand Chapter. The Grand Chapter shall be supreme in all matters pertaining to the Grand Chapter’s affairs while in session and when not in session, carried out through the National Council and shall have the sole right to oversee and govern all Chapters of Phi Sigma Pi”

The Grand Chapter consists of National Council, Delegates from each Collegiate and Alumni Chapter and Delegates from the National Alumni Association. The meeting of the Grand Chapter is vital to our Fraternity. It is where Amendments to the National Constitution are debated and voted on. What is decided in Grand Chapter affects the future of our Fraternity. National Council elections happen every other year and this is not an election year.

As per the National Constitution, each Collegiate Chapter and Alumni Chapter is required to send one Delegate to Grand Chapter and may also send one Alternate. Delegates are responsible for communicating the stance of their Chapter. They should meet with their Chapter before leaving for Convention to discuss how they will vote on the different Amendments. Alternates are responsible for acting in the Delegate’s place should they be absent at any point during Grand Chapter. If your Chapter has not decided on who they will send to National Convention as their Delegate/Alternate, start the conversation now! The National Alumni Association also sends Delegates to Grand Chapter. Nominations opened Wednesday, April 12 and close May 16, 2017. Note: only current NAA Members may nominate and/or be nominated.

Important dates pertaining to Grand Chapter:

    • Distribution of proposed Amendments – May 4, 2017
    • NAA Nominations Due – May 16
    • NAA Elections Open – May 17
    • NAA Elections Close – May 24
    • National Convention Registration closes June 15

We hope you’ll join us in Washington D.C. from August 2 – 6! If you are not your Chapter’s Delegate or Alternate you are still welcome to join us in Grand Chapter to witness the discussion, though you cannot vote or participate in the discussion. Register for the 2017 National Convention today!

Pro Tip: If you are your Chapter’s Delegate or Alternate, you MUST choose Full Registration during registration. Contact the National Office (717-299-4710 or convention@phisigmapi.org) if you have any questions about registration or Delegates.

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