Lunch & Learn- Planning A Service Project

Lunch & Learn WebinarLeadership in Action teamed up with our National Philanthropic Partners, HOBY, to hold a Lunch & Learn Webinar about planning a service project. You can watch the video above or on the Phi Sigma Pi YouTube channel.

When planning and holding a service event take these steps:

1 Learn (Scholarship)- Identify the need in your community and discover the who, what and why.
2 Act (Leadership)- Time to act. How is the Chapter going to be part of the solution?
3 Reflect (Fellowship)- Spend time analyzing actions and outcomes of your action.
4 Innovate (Social Service)- Use what you learned to develop a better solution.

When it comes to volunteering…
There are so many ways you can give back. Find a HOBY group near you and check out some of the ways to volunteer below:

You can see a list of volunteer descriptions on the HOBY Website. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the volunteer application. Remember to mark that you are a Phi Sigma Pi Member.

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