Why Nominate Your Chapter for an Award?

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to nominate your Chapter for a National Award! Every year, the National Office recognizes Chapters for their excellence at the Banquet and Awards Celebration during National Convention. However, we can only recognize you if you share your successes with us! That’s why we’re here to tell you why you should nominate your Chapter for a National Award.

Bragging Rights
The most obvious reason to nominate your Chapter for an award is to show everyone how awesome you are when you win. Your Chapter gets to own that award for the year (and you get to own the physical award forever!). Share it all over social media and tell the world how amazing your Chapter is! If you were part of planning/execution for the event that won the award, that would look pretty good on a resume or during an interview!

Inspire Others
While you’re exercising your bragging rights, you’ll also be inspiring other Chapters. Award systems create friendly competition and friendly competition inspires Chapter to be the best that they can be. You can also share your award-winning event with other Chapters to inspire them to give it a try on their campus!

Chapter Morale
Rejuvenate your Chapter morale by bringing home a shiny award! Each of your Members should feel part of winning that award. Have Members take individual pictures with the award to take pride in the hard work that your Chapter has completed this academic year.

Potential New Members walk into your Recruitment Event and see a nice, shiny award sitting on the table. Winning an award will give you leverage during Recruitment by showing PNMs how awesome your programming is. Imagine being able to stay to a PNM “We won this award at the 2017 National Convention because of our excellence in fellowship programming!”

So what are you waiting for? Take a few minutes to nominate your Chapter for an award. You can even schedule a meeting, meal or hang out with your Chapter Officers and/or Chairs to work on submitting nominations together. Here are the awards that you have the opportunity to bring home:

C.H. McClure Single Service Award
The Josh and Britt Marder Excellence in National Philanthropy Award
Charles W. Change Excellence in Alumni Relations Award
Jeffrey L. Johnson National Interchapter Fellowship Award
Dr. Eldo L. Hendricks Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Programming
Claude A. Phillips Excellence in Fellowship Award
Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

Also, be sure to register for the 2017 National Convention in Washington D.C. to watch your Chapter win that well-deserved award!


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