Meet Scott Parker, Media Production Coordinator!

While your Chapter has been busy growing, the Phi Sigma Pi National Office has been doing a recruitment of our own. We’re very excited to welcome three new Staff Members to the National Office team! This week we will be highlighting each new Staff Member. Today we would like to introduce you to Scott Parker, Media Production Coordinator.

So Scott, what is your role on National Staff?
I am the Media Production Coordinator for Phi Sigma Pi. My main focus is to create entertaining videos for the different departments (maybe you’ve seen Scott’s National Convention promo?). I also help with the design of the communication pieces.

What’s your favorite ideal of the Tripod?
My favorite ideal of the Tripod is Scholarship. While at college, I found a passion for videography and video editing. I am thankful that I found a career in something I enjoy doing. Every day I continue to develop my craft by watching tutorials, tuning my techniques and trying to learn something new. I watch videos on Vimeo to see what amazing pieces people are creating. I know my skills are not at the level of many producers, videographers and editors, but it is inspiring to watch. I know if I continue to progress that some day my work might inspire someone else.

What do you like to do outside of the office?
I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball, I can talk about fantasy football for at least three hours if you want me to and I am a nerd on the inside who plays League of Legends, Halo and Madden.

What’s your favorite color, snack and tv show?
My favorite color is easily orange (Go O’s!). My favorite snack is peanut butter with anything. My favorite under 30 minutes TV show is The Office, but the greatest show of all time is Breaking Bad.

What advice would you give to your college self?
My advice would be to have more faith in yourself. Just because you might not know how to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. If you have a slight interest in something, try it out. Hiding in your shell won’t bring out the best in you.

Be sure to connect with Scott on Facebook and Twitter or you can always reach him at


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  1. Welcome, Scott! Excited to see the great work you’ll do!

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