Meet Kasi Hicks, Programming Coordinator!

The Phi Sigma Pi National Office is very excited to welcome three new Staff Members to the National Office team and we want you to meet them! Last blog we highlighted Media Production Coordinator, Scott Parker. Today we would like to introduce you to Kasi Hicks, Programming Coordinator.

So Kasi, what is your role on National Staff?
I am the Programming Coordinator and work with the Director of Leadership Advancement. My job is to develop content and facilitate the Leadership in Action web-based programs, specifically the Tweet & Eat and Lunch & Learn series. I also develop different educational and leadership tools/resources for the Fraternity. Finally, I assist with the preparation and presentation of LiA Modules and associated training on the Local, Regional and National level.

What’s your favorite ideal of the Tripod?
My favorite ideal of the Tripod is Leadership. I think it is very important to have leadership skills and qualities to help you through life. Not only is leadership important in the professional world, but also in your personal life. I love that Phi Sigma Pi wants, helps and encourages its Members to grow and strive to be better leaders in order to positively influence others.

What do you like to do outside of the office?
I love to walk and play with my dog, Pudge. Getting ice cream with my family. Outdoor yoga in the summer with my friends. Going to see musicals/plays. Putting impossible puzzles together with my Nan.

What’s your favorite color, snack and tv show?
Favorite color is purple (perfect for Phi Sigma Pi!). Favorite snack is pretty much anything chocolate and cereal. Favorite tv show… this is hard! I watch way too much tv and Netflix! I would say How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family. I love anything that can make me laugh out loud and I love Neil Patrick Harris.

What advice would you give to your college self?
The advice I would give to my college self would be to get involved even more than you already are and volunteer more. It’s good for the mind and soul! Also, make as many professional connections you can make! You never know where they might get you down the road.

Be sure to connect with Kasi on Facebook or you can always reach her at


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